National Societies

EPA National Society/Association Members

Council of NPAs 2015 webFurther to the increased cooperation with National Psychiatric Societies/Associations (NPAs) in Europe, EPA has decided, through a change of its Statutes, to offer them the possibility to become full members of EPA.

Together the National Society/Association Members compose the EPA Council of NPAs. The Council of NPAs provides a forum for its members to meet, discuss and work on issues of concern to its members.

Mission and Vision

The Mission of the EPA Council of NPAs is to support the general mission of the EPA and promote the highest possible quality of professionals, training and services for psychiatric patient care throughout Europe.

Steering Committee of the EPA Council of NPAs

The Council of NPAs elects from amongst its members the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the Council. The chairperson will represent the Council as ex-officio member in the Executive Committee and Board of the EPA, thereby ensuring that the Council of NPAs will be kept informed on the ongoing activities of the EPA Operational Committees, when relevant, and vice versa, to promote mutual cooperation.

Steering Committee 2015-2016

Chair: Manuel Martín Carrasco, Spain
Vice-chair: Tamas Kurimay, Hungary
Secretary: Peter Falkai, Germany

How to become a member

A National Society/Association (NPA) based in a European country wishing to become a Member shall submit an application to the Secretary General of the EPA.
This application should be accompanied by:
1. a copy of the NPA’s Statutes, translated into English
2. a declaration signed by the current NPA’s President that
– reports the number of the NPA’s own members
– confirms that the NPA is a society or association composed primarily of psychiatrists
– confirms that the promotion of general psychiatry is a significant part of the NPA’s activities

Applications for National Society/Association membership shall be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board.

40 National Psychiatric Associations from 37 European countries have already joined EPA (listed below by alphabetical order of country):