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Date EVENT Location description
2018.02.22-24 Egyptian Association of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Annual Congress 2018

2018 brochure EACBT-01The 5th annual congress of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is organized by the Egyptian Association of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (EACBT). The EACBT2018 will take place in Cairo, Egypt, on 22nd – 24th February 2018 at the National Institute of Training.

The theme of the Congress will be “CBT & Medication in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders; From Theory to Practice”. The EACBT2018 brings together expert clinicians, and researchers in the field of mental health & cognitive behavior therapy. The congress program includes several format designing for training & education, lectures, workshops and sessions.

For more information, please view the event brochure and visit the EACBT website.

2018.03.03-06 26th European Congress of Psychiatry

The 26th European Congress of Psychiatry is organised by the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), and will take place EPA2018_Banner_650x650in Nice, France, on 3-6 March 2018. The theme of the Congress will be “Mental Health: Integrate, Innovate, Individualise”. The Congress will bring together expert clinicians, researchers and leaders of stakeholder organisations in the field of mental health, offering an outstanding set of Plenary and State of the Art Lectures, Educational Courses, Symposia, Workshops and sessions designed for early career psychiatrists.

For more information please visit the EPA 2018 Nice website.

2018.03.16-18 2nd Panhellenic Congress on the Prevention of Suicide and Violence

HSRPSV_Congress_BannerThe 2nd Panhellenic Congress on the Prevention of Suicide and Violence will take place in Athens Greece from the 16th to the 18th March 2018, under the patronage of EPA. The congress is organized by the Hellenic Society for Research and Prevention of Suicide and Violence, under the auspices of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association, the Hellenic Forensic Psychiatry Association and the Hellenic Academy of Forensic Sciences with the scientific collaboration of A’ and B’ Psychiatric Departments of the Athens University and the 5th Department of the Attica Psychiatric Hospital.

The main theme of the congress is “Suicide and Violence during the Socio-Economic Crisis: The Two Sides of the Same Coin”.

The invited speakers are Professor J. J. Mann (USA) and Professor D. Wassermann. The programme will include main presentations, symposia, and free communications. The emphasis will be put on ways and means of directly preventing suicide. Nevertheless, the various aspects of psychological mechanisms and psychopathological dimensions implicated on suicidality will be thoroughly addressed. Most of the presumed biological pathogenetic processes involved in aggression directed either towards oneself or against others will be elaborated. Also, special attention will be paid to social, cultural and environmental factors, which contribute to the development of self-destructive behavior. The overall aim is to improve our collective understanding of the phenomenon of suicide, based on the accumulated scientific evidence and to utilize the knowledge gained so far, in designing the most efficient programs for suicide prevention.

For further information, please visit the congress official website


2018.04.04-07 19th congress of the Section of Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry of the EPA Vienna

The 19th congress of the Section of Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) will take place in Vienna, Austria, April 4-7, 2018.

Psychiatric epidemiology is the basis for getting knowledge on disease burden and etiology, prevention, mental health service and treatment planning. Social psychiatry is focusing on the social causes and consequences of mental disorders as well as social networks of patients as well as service planning. The program will include plenary lectures, parallel sessions and debates. The program will cover some of the most recent studies, methods and ideas, and reviews of present knowledge.

The section is one of the most active ones in EPA, with attendees from all over Europe and from other continents. More than 300 abstracts are accepted for presentation at this event.

The conference is known for attracting researchers at all levels in their career, and for its friendly atmosphere. We are looking forward meeting colleagues from all professions involved in this kind of research and clinical work, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing specialists, health economists, sociologists and other social sciences.

For further information about this event please see the official website.

2018.06.13-16 Nordic Congress of Psychiatry Reykjavik

Logo NCPThe Nordic Congress of Psychiatry will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland June 13th-16th 2018.  The congress venue is Harpa, Reykjavik´s new Concert Hall and Conference Center.  Harpa is located in the heart of Reykjavik and in walking distance from most of the congress hotels, art galleries, restaurants and shopping areas. 

The programme will focus on recent advances in clinical and basic mental health sciences and will include invited plenary lectures, parallel symposia, free presentations and poster sessions.  The theme of the congress “Shaping the future” emphasizes the importance of psychiatry for future developments of mental health care in our health care systems. 

The Nordic Congress of Psychiatry offers an excellent opportunity for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to network and exchange information on recent findings and advances in psychiatry.  This is also a good opportunity to take time to enjoy the unique nature of Iceland and attend some of the many cultural events Reykjavik has to offer. 

Registration and further information can be found on the website

2018.06.27-30 6th Annual Scientific Conference of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine – EAPM Verona

EAPM banner6th Annual Scientific Conference of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) will take place on 27-30 June 2018 in Verona, Italy. 

Physical and mental illnesses interact mutually and share common risk factors with not only additive but also synergistic effects. Up to 25% of patients with chronic illness also suffer from comorbid mental disorders, even higher rates of comorbidity are seen for specific conditions (e.g. cancer, and neurological disorders). Poor attention paid to the interplay between physical and mental disorders impacts negatively in terms of health and social costs, because of intensive, excessive or inappropriate use of resources as well as indirect costs (decrease in productivity, disability, reduced quality of life). These costs would be avoidable with the implementation of integrate and innovative interventions addressing effectively bio-psycho-social complexity. Such is indeed one of the absolute future priorities in health management worldwide.

Read more about this in the Second Announcement of the Congress that is now downloadable here. Stay tuned and check the EAPM 2018 website for all the updates!

2018.10.19-21 II Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century (2018) Moscow


Баннер II Конгресс для рассылки

The II Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century will take place on 19-21 October 2018 in Moscow, Russia. This Congress will continue the traditions of the I Congress on Mental Health that resulted in delivering four international conferences, 165 scientific reports, publication of the Collection of scientific papers from different areas of scientific knowledge in the mental health fields and development of the Declaration where 700 experts representing 33 countries introduced their commitment and priority tasks in the field of protection of people’s mental health.

The II Congress on Mental Health will focus on the development of an educational environment favorable to maintaining mental health and well-being. To achieve these goals the Congress will provide a unique forum to review the evidence and discuss the contents of education about mental health as well as methods that could be used to make educational effort productive and attractive through interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and inter-sectoral collaboration and cooperation.

Current education in the field of mental health is multifaceted and includes many different levels. This is due to the philosophical nature of the problem related to the fundamental aspects of human life. Therefore, the II Congress will convene experts from various spheres of public health, psychiatry & psychotherapy, psychology & gerontology, occupational labor & social security, science & education, art & culture, sport & physical fitness, economics & law as well as government, business & community sectors leaders to discuss the most important educational needs in the field of mental health, as well as to search for optimal solutions to develop and improve educational services.

For further information about this event please see the official website.