17.07.15 – Governmental Expert Group on Mental Health and Wellbeing, Luxembourg, 29-30 June 2015

LuxembourgProfessor Wolfgang Gaebel, EPA President, was invited by the European Commission as a keynote speaker to the meeting of Governmental Experts on Mental Health and Wellbeing, on 29 – 30 June in Luxembourg. Participants included the key representatives from EU Member States, academics and NGOs active in the mental health field.

The main objective of the meeting was to review the results of the Joint Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing and to start a reflection on its follow-up. On 30 June, Prof. Gaebel presented the EPA feedback on the planned Psychiatric Reform in Czech Republic (introduced by Dr. Ivan Duskov, Czech Ministry of Health). He provided an evidence-based analysis of the proposed reform by comparing the Czech plan’s targets with the Joint Action recommendations, the EPA guidances on quality of care, as well as the WHO Action Plan on Mental Health for Europe.

EPA’s work and its view on the EU policy priorities were also presented by Prof. Gaebel, who put forward some proposals for providing strategic advice to the Commission and Member States for concrete actions at the national level, particularly via the expertise of the EPA National Psychiatric Associations.

Such an approach was welcomed by the European Commission as an example of good practice for joint collaboration between Member States and key stakeholders for effective implementation of the Joint Action.

More information on the Joint Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing

EBC Round Table on the “Value of Treatment” project, 19 June 2015

On 18-19 June, the EPA took part in some key events of the European Brain Council (EBC), of which EPA is a member.

Following the EBC Board meeting on 18 June, the EBC “Roundtable on the Value of Treatment” took place on 19 June at the University Foundation in Brussels. The aim of the EBC event was to explore possible collaborations and areas for action in the frame of the project on “Value of Treatment/Cost of Non-Treatment for Brain Disorders in Europe”. The study, which will run over 2016, proposes to examine the socio-economic impact of treatments (and the lack of thereof) for brain disorders in Europe and to provide a useful evidence base for discussion to policy makers.

Prof. Wolfgang Gaebel, EPA President, actively contributed to the roundtable and discussed relevant aspects of the study such as the scope, objectives and methodology.

Further information will be made available from the EBC in the coming months. To know more about the EBC activities, please click here.