5 05.08.14 – The EPA Section Symposia Awards were created to promote a high quality programme proposed by the Sections for the 23rd European Congress of Psychiatry and to promote cooperation with EPA Sections and EPA National Psychiatric Society/Association members.

EPA is pleased to announce the five selected symposia:

  • Can psychiatric disorders be predicted and prevented? Section: Prevention of Mental Disorders
  • Psychopharmacotherapy at the interface of psychiatric and medical diseasesSections: Consultation Liaison Psychiatry & Psychosomatics; Psychopharmacology
  • Prevention of mental disorders in children of mentally ill parentsSections: Prevention of Mental Disorders; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • The “mad axman”: the relationship between psychosis and violenceSections: Forensic Psychiatry;  Schizophrenia
  • Nature and narratives of depressionSections: Psychopathology; Philosophy and Psychiatry

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