european psychiatric association

2019 Winners

Category 1 “Best paper published in European Psychiatry

Delfina Janiri, Italy

Psychopathological characteristics and adverse childhood events are differentially associated with suicidal ideation and suicidal acts in mood disorders

Category 2 “Biological correlates and treatments of mental disorders”

Luis Alameda, UK

Redox Dysregulation as a Link between Childhood Trauma and Psychopathological and Neurocognitive Profile in Early Psychosis Patients

Category 3 “Child and adolescent psychiatry”

Hélène Vulser, France

Early Variations in White Matter Microstructure and Depression Outcome in Adolescents With Subthreshold Depression

Category 4 “Psychiatric epidemiology, social psychiatry and psychotherapeutic interventions in mental disorders”

Pirathiv Kugathasan, Denmark

Association of Secondary Preventive Cardiovascular Treatment After Myocardial Infarction With Mortality Among Patients With Schizophrenia

Category 5 “Clinical psychopathology and refinement of psychiatric diagnostic categories”

Daria Smirnova, Russia

Language Patterns Discriminate Mild Depression from Normal Sadness and Euthymic State