German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

Date of creation : 1842-01-01

Number of members : 8900

Objectives and mission of the association

The German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (DGPPN) is a medical professional society.
The DGPPN was founded in 1842 and currently has 8.500 members. It is thus the largest and oldest scientific association of doctors and scientists working in the field of psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics in Germany.
The DGPPN is a vibrant professional society, and many members become involved as volunteers, be it on the board or in the specialised groups.
The work of the DGPPN is based on the vision of a society in which people with mental illnesses can live free from prejudice and receive the personalised care and necessary help they need. Optimal, scientifically founded and individualised medical, psychological and social support should be available to everyone at all times and in all places.

Official Representatives

President : Prof Arno DEISTER

Official Representative : Prof Andreas HEINZ

List of Board members :

Executive committee

Prof. Dr. med. Arno Deister (President)

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Andreas Heinz (President elect)

Dr. med. Iris Hauth (Past president)

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Driessen

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Falkai

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas J. Fallgatter

Prof. Dr. med. Sabine C. Herpertz

Prof. Dr. med. Fritz Hohagen

Dr. med. Christian Kieser

Dr. med. Sabine Köhler

Dr. med. Andreas Küthmann (Treasurer)

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Pollmächer

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Reif

Prof. Dr. med. Steffi G. Riedel-Heller

Dr. med. Christa Roth-Sackenheim

Dr. med. Nahlah Saimeh

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. soc. Frank Schneider


DGPPN Head Office Berlin Reinhardtstr. 27B
10117 Berlin
Tel : +49030240 477 212
Fax : +49030240 477 229
Email :
Website :

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