Hellenic Psychiatric Association

Date of creation : 1986-01-01

Number of members : 714

Objectives and mission of the association

The Hellenic Psychiatric Association was founded in 1986 in Athens, following the dissolution of the pre-existing Hellenic Neurological and Psychiatric Association that was founded in 1936. Its purpose is the promotion of Psychiatry in Greece, the reinforcement of communication and collaboration among Greek psychiatrists and between them and colleagues from abroad, as well as with colleagues of other specialties, medical or otherwise that are related to Psychiatry.
Among the basic scopes of the Association are promotion of psychiatric clinical practice in Greece and of psychiatric prevention and promotion, advocating for the rights of psychiatric patients and promotion of psychiatric education, training and research in Greece.

Official Representatives

President : Prof Dimitrios PLOUMPIDIS

Official Representative : Dr Christos Tsopelas

List of Board members :

Executive Committee:
President: Dimitris Ploumpidis
Vice-president: Vassilis Kontaxakis
General Secretary: Christos Tsopelas
Treasurer: Lillian Markaki
Consultants: Vassilis Bozikas


Papadiamantopoulou 11
115 28 Athens
Tel : +302107291389
Fax : +302107242032
Email : psych@psych.gr
Website : www.psych.gr

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