College of Psychiatrists of Ireland

Date of creation : 2009-01-01

Number of members : 750

Objectives and mission of the association

  • The formation and training of doctors in psychiatry;
  • The continuation of the professional development, education and well-being of trained psychiatrists.
  • The promotion, development and furtherance of the College’s engagement and collaboration with others concerned in the development of best practice in mental health services for the purpose of alleviating the suffering of persons with mental illness.

Official Representatives

President : Dr John HILLERY

Official Representative : Dr William FLANNERY

List of Board members :

President: Dr John Hillery 

Vice-President: Dr William Flannery
Treasurer: Dr Joanne Fenton

Director of Communications and Public Education: Dr John Hillery
Director of PCS: Dr Lorcan Martin
Dean and Director of Postgraduate Training: Dr Greg Swanwick
Chair , Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Dr Helen Keeley
Chair, Faculty of Addiction Psychiatry : Dr Mike Scully
Chair, Faculty of Learning Disability Psychiatry: Dr Evan Yacoub
Chair, Faculty of Social & Rehabilitation Psychiatry: Dr Maria Morgan
Chair, Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy: Dr Alyson Lee
Chair, Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry: Dr Stephen Monks
Chair, Faculty of Liaison Psychiatry: Dr Siobhan MacHale
Chair, Faculty of Adult Psychiatry: Dr Ciaran Corcoran
Chair, Trainee Committee (BST): Dr Roisin Plunkett
Trainee Committee (HST): Dr Ruth Murphy
Chair of Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age: Dr Mia McLaughlin
Elected Member: Dr Rachael Cullivan
Chair, Faculty of Academic Psychiatry: Prof Mary Cannon
Chair, PTC: Dr William Flannery
Chair, Human Rights & Ethics: Dr Pauline Twomey


5 Herbert Street
Dublin 2
Tel : +353 1 6344372
Fax : +353 1 662 9677
Website :

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