Romanian Association of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Date of creation : 1991-01-01

Number of members : 350

Objectives and mission of the association

ARPP`s essential goal is the developement and perfecting of all core activities in the field of psychiatry and mental health in adults. This is achieved by:

  • its own, independent activity, within the existing legal framework
  • journalism, books publishing, consultancy, supervision and scientific research
  • organisation of scientific events
  • drawing up and application of projects to Romanian or foreign financiers and their implementation
  • advocacy and lobby activities
  • domestic and international contacts

Official Representatives

President : Prof Catalina TUDOSE

Official Representative : Prof Doina COZMAN


Berceni Ave. Nr. 10-12, Sector 4
CP 041914 Bucharest
Email :
Website :


Romanian Journal of Psychiatry

Language : English / Romanian
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