Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia

Date of creation : 1989-01-01

Number of members : 300

Objectives and mission of the association

The objectives of the IPAR are:

  • Identifying the scientific and practical priorities of Russian psychiatry and promoting work in these directions;
  • Establishing the new general scientific paradigm in psychiatry;
  • Opposing anti-psychiatric tendencies
  • Contributing to human rights observation in Russian psychiatry
  • Threatening legal base of psychiatry; providing guarantees for enforcing the Law on Psychiatric Care;
  • Promoting the professionalisation of Russian psychiatrists both in ethical and proper professional aspects;
  • Regaining and reinforcing popular trust in psychiatry.

The IPAR’s mission is

  • To be the example of genuine conformity the scientific and professional values in the spirit of “General Psychopathology” by K. Jaspers, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the WPA Ethical Code;
  • Filling up the gaps of national psychiatry of the soviet period (non-prejudicial position, supremacy of interests of patients, independent position in all professional social and legal questions);
  • Using membership of considerable part of our members in the mass Russian Society of Psychiatrists (12 000 to our 300) to be worthy example, kind of Guards

Official Representatives

President : Dr Yury SAVENKO

Official Representative : Dr Anatoly BOGDANOV


Luchnikov lane, 4, doorway 3
101000 Moskow
Russian Federation
Tel : +74956250620
Fax : +74956210320
Email :
Website :

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