Serbian Psychiatric Association

Date of creation : 2006-01-01

Number of members : 901

Objectives and mission of the association

1. Collecting of knowledge on the situation, psychiatric service needs and the possibilities of education in the field of psychiatry and mental health care in the country;

2. Organizational improvement of mental health care in the community, based on the scientific, humanistic and holistic principles, with special emphasis on responsibility for certain territory, care continuity and interdisciplinary practice;

3. Work on harmonization of educational programs in psychiatry on basic and post-graduation studies, including residency education and continuous medical education(CME);

4. Taking care of ethical principles of psychiatric practice and of all kind of mental health care in the country;

5. Establishing of partnership with governmental and intergovernmental organizations (WHO, UN, World Bank, UNESCO, EU), as well as with nongovernmental organization, aiming to improve of mental health;

6. Enhancing of communication, organizational and functional aspects of work of the Association and its cooperation with psychiatric associations in regard to various activities (congresses, education, publications and research);

7. Invitation of the Government of our country and international organizations to consult with National Association of Psychiatrists in regard to development and enforcement of the mental health care policy, expert education and research, and also to provide their adequate financing according to current health-economical data of the WHO in regard to global burden of mental disorders.

Official Representatives

President : Prof Dusica LECIC-TOSEVSKI

Official Representative : Prof Goran Mihajlovic

List of Board members :

President: Prof. Dusica Lecic-Tosevski, MD, PhD 

President Elect: Prof. Goran Mihajlovic, MD, PhD

Secretary General: Assist. Prof. Olivera Vukovic, MD, PhD 

Secretary for Education: Assoc. Prof. Maja Ivkovic, MD, PhD

Secretary for Finances: Assist. Prof. Branimir Radmanovic, MD, PhD



Institute of Mental Health Palmoticeva 37
11000 Belgrade
Tel : +381 11 3307 620
Fax : +381 11 3231 333
Email :
Website :

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