Spanish Society of Psychiatry

Date of creation : 1958-01-01

Number of members : 1220

Objectives and mission of the association

Scientific Association whose object is

  • to promote the study and development of the Psychiatry within the compatible areas, as well as its scientific, technical, welfare, education and investigation;
  • to progress in all its levels and competence scope;
  • to participate in the training of the specialist and to promote the information and the psychiatric learning of the general practitioner;
  • to organize and encourage meetings of experts interested in basic inquiries within Psychiatry scientific, epistemological and anthropological topics

Official Representatives

President : Prof Julio BOBES GARCIA

Official Representative : Dr Manuel MARTíN CARRASCO

List of Board members :

President:  Prof. Julio Bobes
Secretary: Prof. Ignacio Eguiluz
Vice-secretary: Prof. Mª Paz García-Portilla
Prof. Marta Torrens
Prof. Jerónimo Sáiz-Ruiz
Dr. Mario Páramo
Prof. Diego Palao
Prof. Julia Cano
Prof. Luis Caballero


C/Arturo Soria, 311, 1º B
E-28033 Madrid
Tel : + 34 91 383 4145
Fax : + 34 91 302 0556
Email :
Website :

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