Belarusian Psychiatric Association

Date of creation : 1992-11-01

Number of members : 122

Objectives and mission of the association

According to the Statute of the Belarusian Psychiatric Association (BPA), an overall activity of BPA is uniting the efforts of its members to improve the mental health of the population of the Republic of Belarus through development of psychiatric science and practice.

To implement the basic purpose, BPA solves the following problems:

  • development and implementation of programs directed to development and improvement of psychiatric help to the population of the Republic of Belarus
  • introduce development and deployment of new progressive methods of diagnostics
  • concentrating of material and financial assets from non-state-budget sources for implementation of programs from BPA to improve psychiatric aid, training of experts on psychiatry, social and charitable projects
  • coordination of activity of the members and their professional associations for the improvement of professional training and arranging their activity, protection of their professional interests and legal rights
  • taking part in estimation of their professional activity of psychiatrists, their professional duties as well as the work of institution according to their current legislation
  • organising of actions for experience exchange, training and upgrading courses for experts in the field of psychiatry.

Official Representatives

President : Prof Oleg SKUGAREVSKY

Official Representative : Dr Yauheni LASY

List of Board members :

President: Oleg Skugarevsky
Yauheni Lasy
Ekaterina Khmelnickaya
Alexey Alexandrov
Andrei Kirpichenka
Sergey Bukin
Maxim Voronko
Sergey Davydovsky
Roman Evsegneev
Sergey Igumnov
Tatiana Korotkevich
Mikhail Kuncevich
Olga Litvinova
Elena Martynova
Leonid Nester
Vladimir Novikov
Sergey Osipchik
Nikolay Skaskevich
Alexander Startsev


152, Dolginovsky tract
220053 Minsk
Tel : +375 17 2898048
Fax : +375 17 2898048
Website :

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