Psychiatric Association of Turkey

Date of creation : 1995-01-01

Number of members : 3260

Objectives and mission of the association

The Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT) is the organization of specialists and residents of adult psychiatry in Turkey.
Due to its constitutional commitments the PAT aims to provide and promote scientific development of psychiatry in accordance with ethical standards in clinical practice and research.
The PAT also aims to improve psychiatric training, patient-rights and treatment standards and to develop and follow up mental health policies and implementations in Turkey.
Since its foundation, PAT has broadened into 20 Branches throughout the country and more than 90 % of the psychiatrists in Turkey have become members of the Association.
The PAT holds three nationwide meetings every year: The National Congress of Psychiatry, Anatolian Psychiatry Days and Spring Symposia (Annual Meeting of the PAT).
Psychiatric Board of Turkey is an autonomous organ of the PAT.
Research and training activities are conducted by Scientific Sections that cover all the areas of psychiatry.
The PAT publishes the books prepared by Scientific Sections in order to contribute to the professional development of its members. Ethical Codes of Psychiatry are accepted in the General Assembly of the PAT in 2002.
The PAT is a member of the World Psychiatric Association and an associate member of the UEMS Section of Psychiatry.

Official Representatives

President : Prof Ömer BÔKE

Official Representative : Prof Simavi VAHIP

List of Board members :


  • Prof. Ömer Böke, President

  • Prof. Gülcan Güleç,  Vice president

  • Assoc Prof Koray Başar, Secretary general 

  • Assoc Prof Fatih Öncü, Treasurer

  • Dr. Aybeniz Civan Kahve, Secretary for residents

  • Assoc Prof. Yunus Hacımusalar, Secretary for membership & sections

  • Assoc Prof Serap Erdoğan Taycan, Secretary for education & training

  • Prof. Simavi Vahip, National Representative




Türkiye Psikiyatri Derneği Genel Merkezi Tunus Caddesi 59/5 Kavaklıdere
Tel : +903124687497
Fax : +903124260453
Website :

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