Flemish Association of Psychiatry

Date of creation : 2005-01-01

Number of members : 585

Objectives and mission of the association

The primary goal of the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie (Flemish Association of Psychiatry) is to strengthen the bonds between colleagues within the broad field of psychiatry and between professionals in diverse subsections of that field in Flanders.
The organisation strives to stimulate and support scientific research and wishes to distribute correct information and new insights among its members.
Furthermore, the V.V.P. is an advisory partner of several administrations and commissions of the Flemish regional government.
Regularly, she also acts as a mouthpiece of the professional group in local media debates around topics relating to psychiatry and/ or its subfields, thereby representing it in positive and knowledgeable terms.

Official Representatives

President : Prof. Dr Frieda MATTHYS

Official Representative : Dr Chris Baeken

List of Board members :

Executive Committee:
President: Dr. Frieda Matthys
Scientific secretary: Dr. Kirsten Catthoor
Treasurer: Dr. Maarten Vanden Bossche 
Secretary General: Dr. Henry Peuskens


Leuvensesteenweg 517
B-3070 Kortenberg
Tel : +32 2 758 08 14
Fax : +32 2 759 98 78
Email : info@vvp-online.be
Website : www.vvp-online.be

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