Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Date of creation : 2008-03-17

Number of members : 135

Objectives and mission of the association

Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina is a voluntary, nonprofit organisation of professionals engaged in psychiatry (psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and trainees) .

The Association is established for organised action to improve the popularisation of medical and psychiatric science and practice, through the improvement of the work of psychiatrists.

The objectives and activities of the Association are:

  • monitoring the development and achievements of psychiatric and related sciences and to introduce members with the achievements in improving their professional skills, to create material conditions for scientific research in psychiatry and related disciplines, to develop ethical principles, responsibility and awareness of members, in accordance with the Health Ethical Codex Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • exchange experience with relevant professional organisations and institutions in the world, in particular with WPA, EPA and regional professional associations
  • exchange experience with associations of psychiatric patients, their families and similar associations in the country and internationally
  • maintaining accurate database

Official Representatives

President : Prof Marija BURGIC-RADMANOVIC

Official Representative : Dr Goran RACETOVIC

List of Board members :

                         The Leadership structure of the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH)

A.  GENERAL ASSEMBLY (all PABH Members in the current Year)

Professor Milan Stojaković, MD, PhD - Banja Luka, President (2017-2020 )

B. PRESIDENCY (2017-2023)

Professor Marija Burgić-Radmanović, MD, PhD - Banja Luka, President (2017-2018)

Professor Izet Pajević, MD, PhD - Tuzla, Vice-President

Assoc. Professor Dragan Babić, MD, PhD - Mostar, Vice-President                                           

Professor Abdulah Kučukalić - Sarajevo, Vice-President


     Ass. Prof. Alma Džubur Kulenović, MD, PhD - Sarajevo

       Dr. Goran Račetović, MD, Primarius - Prijedor

D. COUNCIL (2017-2020)

Professor Lilijana Oruč, MD, PhD - Sarajevo, President

Professor Alija Sutović, MD, PhD - Tuzla, Member

Assoc. Professor Mevludin Hasanović, MD, PhD - Tuzla, Member

Ass. Professor Amra Memić-Serdarević, MD, PhD - Sarajevo, Member

Ass. Professor Marko Martinac, MD, PhD – Mostar, Member

Ass. Dr. Marko Pavlović, MD, MSc - Mostar, Member

Dr. Mirjana Mišković, MD, MSc - Banja Luka, Member

Dr. Devla Baraković, MD, Primarius - Brčko, Member

Dr. Omer Ćemalović MD, Primarius - Sarajevo, Member

Dr. Biljana Prstojević-Zelinčević, MD - Modriča, Member

Dr. Višnja Banjac, MD - Banja Luka, Member


Ass. Professor Nermana Mehić-Basara, MD, PhD - Sarajevo, President

Professor Esmina Avdibegović, MD, PhD - Tuzla, Member

Assoc. Professor Mira Spremo, MD, PhD - Banja Luka, Member

F. COURT of HONOUR (2017-2020)

Professor Slobodan Loga, MD, PhD, Academician - Sarajevo, President

Ass. Professor Nera Zivlak-Radulović, MD, PhD - Banja Luka, Member

Dr. Zlata Paprić, MD, Primarius - Brčko, Member




Bolnička 25
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel : +387 33 265 710
Fax : +387 33 265 710
Email :
Website :

Major meeting/event(s)

XVI Psychiatric Days of Bosnia and Herzegovina

DateBanja Luka, September 21 - 23, 2018


Under the EPA patronage and WPA Co-sponsored event with main topic "Comorbidity in Psychiatry and Psychiatric Comorbidity in Medicine"

EPA Council of the NPAs Symposium

DateBanja Luka/BH, 22 September 2018


Topic "Comorbidity: Challenge in Diagnosis and Treatment"

EPA Itinerant Course

DateBanja Luka/BH, 23 September 2018


"Supporting Family Members of People with Severe Mental Illnesses" led by Prof. Umberto Volpe and Dr. Mario Luciano, Italy

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