Danish Psychiatric Association

Date of creation : 1908-01-01

Number of members : 1127

Objectives and mission of the association


  • To promote Danish psychiatry and Danish research in psychiatry.
  • To ensure the best possible education for psychiatrists and to ensure that the Danish population has the access to optimal psychiatric treatment.
  • Furthermore, to enlighten the general public about psychiatric disorders in order to reduce stigma.

Official Representatives

President : Dr Gitte AHLE

List of Board members :


President: Gitte Ahle

Vicepresident: Julie Nordgaard

Treasurer: Tove Mathiesen

Secretary: Rasmus Handest


Lykke Pedersen

Annick Parnas

Thomas Kirkegaard

Lene Hoegh

Bjørn Ebdrup


Psykiatrisk Center København, afd. O, Edel Sauntes Allé 10
2100 København Ø
Tel : +45 38 64 46 34
Fax : +45 38 64 46 09
Website : www.dpsnet.dk

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