Finnish Psychiatric Association

Date of creation : 1913-01-01

Number of members : 1136

Objectives and mission of the association

  • to promote scientific and professional interest within psychiatry
  • to promote mental health work nationally
  • to publish journals/articles
  • to fund research (grants)
  • to make initiatives regarding psychiatry & public health
  • to give expert statements to officials

Official Representatives

President : Prof Nina LINDBERG

List of Board members :

President: Nina Lindberg

Secretary General: Jukka Kärkkäinen

Treasurer: Olli Kampman


Erkki Isometsä

Irma Myllylä

Eila Tiihonen

Sami Räsänen

Kaisa Riala

Hanna Tytärniemi


Fredrikinkatu 71 A4
100 Helsinki
Tel : +35894770660
Fax : +358947706611
Email :
Website :

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