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EPA Itinerant Courses

Though most EPA Courses are given during the European Congress of Psychiatry, many of them are also available to be organised as EPA Itinerant Courses in collaboration with National Psychiatric Association Members (NPAs). Requests for EPA Course organisation from other close EPA partners can also be considered.
Below is the available catalogue of EPA Itinerant Courses.

If your association or organisation is interested in organising one of them in your country, please contact the EPA Administrative Office for more information.


Baumann Pierre (Switzerland) Problem solving in psychopharmacotherapy using pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic tests Basic English,
German, French, Italian
Beezhold Julian (UK) Challenges and dilemmas in consent and capacity Basic English
Beezhold Julian (UK) Complaints, litigation and malpractice: How to survive as a psychiatrist Basic English
Beezhold Julian (UK) Myths,misconceptions and pitfalls in consent and capacity assessment: cases, causes and clinical approaches Basic English
Bhugra Dinesh (UK) Leadership skills in psychiatry Advanced English
Brittlebank Andrew (UK) Teach, learn and love: how to construct a faculty development programme Basic English
Carli Vladimir (Sweden) How to write a successful grant application for EU funded research
Advanced English,
Italian, Spanish
Carli Vladimir (Sweden) Practical training for evaluation of suicidal risk Basic English, Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Hungarian
Damsa Cristian (Switzerland
/ USA)
New directions and guides lines in the emergency treatment of
psychiatric disorders
Basic English,
de Mendonça Lima Carlos Augusto (Portugal) and Carasco Martin Manuel (Spain) Update on diagnosing dementia Basic English,
French, Portuguese, Spanish
Diefenbacher Albert (Germany) How to manage Delirium in the general Hospital Basic English,
Diefenbacher Albert (Germany) Consultation liaison psychiatry – the interface of psychiatry and somatic medicine Basic English,
Dom Geert (Belgium) Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) for patients with severe mental illness (SMI) and substance abuse Basic English,
Dutch, French
Fiorillo Andrea (Italy) How to support families of patients with severe mental disorders Basic English,
Franciskovic Tanja (Croatia) Complexity of post-traumatic reactions Basic English, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Galderisi Silvana (Italy) Recognizing
and Assessing Negative Symptoms in Patients with Schizophrenia
Basic English,
Gargot Thomas (France) Useful and free open science tools to do research in psychiatry Basic English, French
Goethals Kris Edegem (Belgium) Risk assessment and risk management in general psychiatry Basic English
Grüttert Torsten (Germany) Interpersonal psychotherapy of depression (IPT) Basic English,
Handest Peter (Denmark) The ABC of the clinical-diagnostic interview Basic English,
Danish, Italian
Heun Reinhard (UK) Successful publication in European psychiatry, the official journal of the EPA Basic English
Hohagen Fritz (Germany) Cognitive-behavioral treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder Basic English,
Keren Miri (Israel) Infant psychiatry, its relevance for adult psychiatry Basic English
Küey Levent (Turkey) Forcibly displaced people and mental health: basic knowledge and skills for psychiatrists/mental health workers Basic English
Kurimay Tamàs (Hungary) Behavior addictions: internet and exercise addiction in focus Basic English
Moorey Stirling (UK) Coping with adversity : CBT in adverse life circumstances Basic English
Moorey Stirling (UK) CBT for psychiatrists Basic English
Mucic Davor (Denmark) E-mental health competencies and applications Basic English, Danish, Swedish, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian
Mulder Niels (Netherlands) Integrated care for patients with Schizophrenia and other severe Mental Illnesses: working towards recovery Basic English
Mulder Niels (Netherlands) (Flexible) Assertive Community Treatment Basic English
Musalek Michael (Austria) Delusions – diagnosis and treatment Basic English
Musalek Michael (Austria) Early recognition and early diagnosis of addiction Basic English
Perera Bathika (UK) Diagnosis and management of mental illness in people with intellectual disability- what is different? Advanced English
Poulet Emmanuel (France) Noninvasive brain stimulation methods (rTMS – tDCS): from scientific data to practical aspects Basic French, German, Dutch
Qureshi Adil (Spain) Evidence based perspectives on diagnosis and treatment of migrants and ethnic minorities Basic English
Raballo Andrea (Italy) Understanding psychosis: a psychopathological guide for clinical examination Basic English,
Danish, French, Italian, Norwegian
Radu Grigore (Canada) Fostering resilience, grit, emotional intelligence and leading change: building personal qualities for effectively managing your professional and personal development Basic English
Rössler Wulf (Switzerland) Taking care of ourselves: managing stress, preventing burnout Basic English
Sarchiapone Marco (Italy) Suicide risk assessment Advanced English,
Sarchiapone Marco (Italy) Treatment of suicidal patient Advanced English, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, German, Swedish, Croatian, Portuguese, Dutch
Sartorius Norman (Switzerland) How to develop a programme against stigma and discrimination because of schizophrenia Basic English
Sartorius Norman (Switzerland) Managing comorbid depression and diabetes Basic English
Schouler-Ocak Meryam (Germany) Cultural Competence Training – how to work with immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker patients Basic English, German, Turkish
Schultze-Lutter Frauke (Germany) Introduction in the assessment of clinical high risk (chr) criteria of psychoses recommended by EPA guidance project Basic English, German
Sobanski Esther (Germany) Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd) in adults: nosology diagnostic process and treatment Basic English
Stanghellini Giovanni (Italy) Temperaments, mood, and the melancholic type of personality Advanced English,
Stanghellini Giovanni (Italy) Applied phenomenological psychopathology Basic English,
Italian, French
Stoppe Gabriela (Switzerland) Depression in the elderly Basic English,
Stuart Heather (Canada) Fighting stigma and discrimination on a limited budget Basic English
Treasure Janet (UK) Advanced management of eating disorders Advanced English
Treasure Janet (UK) First Steps in the management of eating disorders: Active Collaboration and Assessment with Patient and family Basic English
Ventura Joseph (USA) Screening cognitive impairments in psychosis using the cognitive assessment interview Basic English, Italian
Vita Antonio (Italy) Cognitive remediation for schizophrenia: principles, methodology and techniques Basic English
Volpe Umberto (Italy) How to make professional choices in psychiatry Basic English
Wasserman Danuta (Sweden) Suicide prevention: from evaluation of suicidal risk to diagnosis and treatment Advanced English,
Spanish, Italian
Wieck Angelika (UK) Pharmacological management of mood disorders in pregnancy and lactation Advanced English,
Zalsman Gil (Israel) Management of the depressed and suicidal adolescent Advanced English,
Zalsman Gil (Israel) Suicide and risk management in depressed pediatric patients Basic English