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Programme Requirements

Requirements for applicants

  1. The applicants must be Early Career Psychiatrists (psychiatrists under 40 years of age and/or within 5 years after passing the specialist exam) and reside in a country included in the World Health Organisation Europe region (NB: residents and trainees are not eligible for this programme).
  2. The applicant should be fluent in English, and possibly have notions of the host country language for clinical purposes (see list of placements).
  3. The applicant cannot apply for a placement in the country he/she is currently living in.
  4. The applicant must be familiar with the proposed specialty of the department/ institution.
  5. The selected applicant will have to negotiate the terms with his/her own institution to go on leave.

Applications for the 2019-2020 Gaining Experience Programme are now closed. Due to the current Covid-19 developments and travel restrictions in place, the 2019-2020 EPA Gaining Experience Programme was postponed to a later date and all applicants informed by email.

The Early Career Psychiatrists Committee has been working really hard to develop an alternative programme to continue offering Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) short placements in European psychiatric institutions that will allow them to broaden their skills and knowledge, and become familiar with different mental health systems in Europe. As such, we have developed a “Virtual Gaining Experience Programme”. We are currently trialling this virtual programme with a small number of early career psychiatrists and we will provide more information soon.

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