european psychiatric association

EPA Ambassadors Programme

The European Psychiatric Association has put in place the EPA Ambassadors Programme with the goal to establish a database of information on mental health practices and perspectives from around Europe and from within different mental health disciplines.

The programme operates as a series of surveys on relevant issues intended for all mental health professionals. EPA Ambassadors are asked to take part in one survey per year. The responses collected will help inform and support the EPA’s official position regarding EU policies on mental health research, education, and practices.

2020 Survey: this first survey was focused on the accumulated experiences of treating patients with COVID-19. The results of the 2020 Ambassadors Survey were analysed and presented in an article, which was published in the European Psychiatry Journal. Read the article here.

2021 Survey: the second survey was centered around decision-making styles and their predictors. The results of the 2021 Ambassadors Survey were analysed and gathered in a Manuscript, published in the European Psychiatric Journal. Read the manuscript with the 2021 Ambassadors survey results here.

2022 Survey: the 2022 survey focused on trauma-related diagnosis and treatment. More than 1000 replies were collected. Read the manuscript with the 2022 survey results here.

2023 Survey: the 2023 Survey focused on Schizophrenia spectrum disorders. The survey results are being analysed.


EPA Ambassadors can request to be removed from the programme list at any time.