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The Editor’s Choice initiative was launched in 2016 in an effort to ensure that the most high-quality, timely and topical psychiatry research is highlighted among European Psychiatry readers and within the EPA community. Carefully selected by the European Psychiatry Editorial Board, Editor’s Choice articles are made available for full and complementary consultation for 6 months after the initial publication date.

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European Psychiatry, Vol. 58, May 2019
Child maltreatment is mediating long-term consequences of household dysfunction in a population representative sample
Vera Clemens, Oliver Berthold, Andreas Witt, Cedric Sachser, Elmar Brähler, Pail L. Plener, Bernhard Strauß, Jörg M. Fegert

European Psychiatry, Vol. 57, April 2019
Unmet needs in patients with brief psychotic disorders: Too ill for clinical high risk services and not ill enough for first episode servicesUpdated European Consensus Statement on diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD
Amedeo Minichino, Grazia Rutigliano, Sergio Merlino, Cathy Davies, Dominic Oliver, Andrea De Micheli, Rashmi Patel, Philip McGuire, Paolo Fusar-Poli

European Psychiatry, Vol. 56, February 2019
Updated European Consensus Statement on diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD
J.J.S. Kooij, D. Bijlenga, L. Salerno, R. Jaeschke, I. Bitter, J. Balázs, J. Thome, G. Dom, S. Kasper, C. Nunes Filipe, S. Stes, P. Mohr, S. Leppämäki, M. Casas Brugué, J. Bobes, J.M. Mccarthy, V. Richarte, A. Kjems Philipsen, A. Pehlivanidis, A. Niemela, B. Styr, B. Semerci, B. Bolea-Alamanac, D. Edvinsson, D. Baeyens, D. Wynchank, E. Sobanski, A. Philipsen, F. McNicholas, H. Caci, I. Mihailescu, I. Manor, I. Dobrescu, T. Saito, J. Krause, J. Fayyad, J.A. Ramos-Quiroga, K. Foeken, F. Rad, M. Adamou, M. Ohlmeier, M. Fitzgerald, M. Gill, M. Lensing, N. Motavalli Mukaddes, P. Brudkiewicz, P. Gustafsson, P. Tani, P. Oswald, P.J. Carpentier, P. De Rossi, R. Delorme, S. Markovska Simoska, S. Pallanti, S. Young, S. Bejerot, T. Lehtonen, J. Kustow, U. Müller-Sedgwick, T. Hirvikoski, V. Pironti, Y. Ginsberg, Z. Félegyházy, M.P. Garcia-Portilla, P. Asherson

European Psychiatry, Vol. 55, January 2019
Adolescent psychosis risk symptoms predicting persistent psychiatric service use: A 7-year follow-up study
Maija Lindgren, Minna Jonninen, Markus Jokela, Sebastian Therman

European Psychiatry, Vol. 50, April 2018
Data integration through brain atlasing: Human Brain Project tools and strategies
Ingvild E. Bjerke, Martin Øvsthus, Eszter A. Papp, Sharon C. Yates, Ludovico Silvestri, Julien Fiorilli, Cyriel M.A. Pennartz, Francesco S. Pavone, Maja A. Puchades, Trygve B. Leergaard, Jan G. Bjaalie

Editor’s Choice articles

European Psychiatry, Vol. 54, October 2018
How to improve clinical practice on forced medication in psychiatric practice: Suggestions from the EUNOMIA European multicentre study
Mario Luciano, Corrado De Rosa, Gaia Sampogna, Valeria Del Vecchio, Vincenzo Giallonardo, Michele Fabrazzo, Francesco Catapano, George Onchev, Jiri Raboch, Anastasia Mastrogianni, Zahava Solomon, Algirdas Dembinskas, Petr Nawka, Andrzej Kiejna, Francisco Torres-Gonzales, Lars Kjellin, Thomas Kallert, Andrea Fiorillo

European Psychiatry, Vol. 53, September 2018
Childhood physical maltreatment with physical injuries is associated with higher adult psychopathology symptoms
Diogo Lamela, Bárbara Figueiredo

European Psychiatry, Vol. 52, August 2018
Secular trends in the age at onset of bipolar I disorder – Support for birth cohort effects from interational, multi-centre clinical observational studies
J. Scott, B. Etain, J.M. Azorin, F. Bellivier

European PsychiatryVol. 51, June 2018
Immediate and brief intervention after suicide attempts on patients without major psychiatric morbidity – A pilot study in northern Israel
Limor Givon, Avi Levi, Boaz Bloch, Eyal Fruchter

European Psychiatry, Vol. 49, March 2018 
Psychiatric disorders and compliance with prenatal care: A 10-year retrospective cohort compared to controls
Joseph Ben-Sheetrit, Liat Huller-Harari, Michal Rasner, Nehemia Magen, Nitsa Nacasch, Paz Toren

European Psychiatry, Vol. 48, February 2018
Effects of physical activity on the symptoms of Tourette syndrome: A systematic review

David D. Kim, Darren E.R. Warburton, Nana Wu, Alasdair M. Barr, William G. Honer, Ric M. Procyshyn

European Psychiatry, Vol. 47, January 2018 
Prediction of violent crime on discharge from secure psychiatric hospitals: A clinical prediction rule (FoVOx)
A. Wolf, T.R. Fanshawe, A. Sariaslan, R. Cornish, H. Larsson, S. Fazel

European Psychiatry, Vol. 46, November 2017 
The association between metacognitive abilities and outcome measures among people with schizophrenia: A meta-analysis
N. Arnon-Ribenfeld, I. Hasson-Ohayon, M. Lavidor, D. Atzil-Slonim, P.H. Lysaker

European Psychiatry, Vol. 45, September 2017 
Obsessive-compulsive disorder in the elderly: A report from the International College of Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders (ICOCS)
B. Dell’Osso, B. Benatti, C.I. Rodriguez, C. Arici, C. Palazzo, A.C. Altamura, E. Hollander, N. Fineberg, D.J. Stein, H. Nicolini, N. Lanzagorta, D. Marazziti, S. Pallanti, M. Van Ameringen, C. Lochner, O. Karamustafalioglu, L. Hranov, M. Figee, L. Drummond, J. Grant, D. Denys, D. Cath, J.M. Menchon, J. Zohar

European Psychiatry, Vol. 44, July 2017 
Motor system dyfunction in the schizophrenia diathesis: Neural systems to Neurotransmitters
R. Abboud, C. Noronha, V.A. Diwadkar

European Psychiatry, Vol. 43, June 2017 
Internet gaming disorder in early adolescence: Associations with parental and adolescent mental health
L. Wartberg, L. Kriston, M. Kramer, A. Schwedler, T.M. Lincoln, R. Kammerl

European Psychiatry, Vol. 42, May 2017
Childhood trauma and psychotic experiences in a general population sample: A prospective study on the mediating role of emotion regulation
T.M. Lincoln, N. Marin, E.S. Jaya

European Psychiatry, Vol. 36, August 2016 
Genome-wide association study of pathological gambling
M. Lang, T. Leménager, F. Streit, M. Fauth-Bühler, J. Frank, D. Juraeva, S.H. Witt, F. Degenhardt, A. Hofmann, S. Heilmann-Heimbach, F. Kiefer, B. Brors, H.-J. Grabe, U. John, A. Bischof, G. Bischof, U. Völker, G. Homuth, M. Beutel, P.A. Lind, S.E. Medland, W.S. Slutske, N.G. Martin, H. Völzke, M.M. Nöthen, C. Meyer, H.-J. Rumpf, F.M. Wurst, M. Rietschel, K.F. Mann

Increased serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels following electroconvulsive therapy or antipsychotic treatment in patients with schizophrenia
J. Li, F. Ye, W. Xiao, X. Tang, W. Sha, X. Zhang, J. Wang

Early-life metal exposure and schizophrenia: A proof-of-concept study using novel tooth-matrix biomarkers
A. Modabbernia, E. Velthorst, C. Gennings, L. De Haan, C. Austin, A. Sutterland, J. Mollon, S. Frangou, R. Wright, M. Arora, A. Reichenberg

European Psychiatry, Vol. 35, May 2016 
Cardiovascular risk factors among patients with schizophrenia, bipolar, depressive, anxiety, and personality disorders
M. Pérez-Piñar, R. Mathur, Q. Foguet, S. Ayis, J. Robson, L. Ayerbe

European Psychiatry, Vol. 33, March 2016 
A randomized trial to assess the efficacy of a psychoeducational intervention on caregiver burden in schizophrenia
M. Martín-Carrasco, P. Fernández-Catalina, A.I. Domínguez-Panchón, M. Gonçalves-Pereira, E. González-Fraile, P. Muñoz-Hermoso, J. Ballesteros the EDUCA-III group

European Psychiatry, Vol. 32, February 2016 
Burnout syndrome among psychiatric trainees in 22 countries: Risk increased by long working hours, lack of supervision, and psychiatry not being first career choice
N. Jovanović, A. Podlesek, U. Volpe, E. Barrett, S. Ferrari, M. Rojnic Kuzman, P. Wuyts, S. Papp, A. Nawka, A. Vaida, A. Moscoso, O. Andlauer, M. Tateno, G. Lydall, V. Wong, J. Rujevic, N. Platz Clausen, R. Psaras, A. Delic, M.A. Losevich, S. Flegar, P. Crépin, E. Shmunk, I. Kuvshinov, E. Loibl-Weiß, J. Beezhold

Keep at bay! – Abnormal personal space regulation as marker of paranoia in schizophrenia
G. Schoretsanitis, A. Kutynia, K. Stegmayer, W. Strik, S. Walther