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Guidance Papers

EPA Guidance Papers aim to improve the quality of mental health care in Europe by disseminating written information based on best evidence and psychiatric practice and to facilitate countries learning from each other in areas where guidelines are lacking.

For more information on the development of the EPA Guidance project, please read the article of Prof. W. Gaebel, coordinator of the project, and Prof. H.-J. Möller: European guidance – a project of the European Psychiatric Association.

You may consult the EPA’s Guidance Papers below or on the European Psychiatry Journal website.


 EPA Guidance on Treatment of Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia (European Psychiatry , Vol. 65, August 2022) Authors: Antonio Vita, Wolfgang Gaebel, Armida Mucci, Gabriele Sachs, Stefano Barlati, Giulia Maria Giordano, Gabriele Nibbio, Merete Nordentoft, Til Wykes and Silvana Galderisi.

EPA Guidance on Assessment of Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia (European Psychiatry , Vol. 65, August 2022) Authors: Antonio Vita, Wolfgang Gaebel, Armida Mucci, Gabriele Sachs, Andreas Erfurth, Stefano Barlati, Federico Zanca, Giulia Maria Giordano, Louise Birkedal Glenthøj, Merete Nordentoft, and Silvana Galderisi

Joint European policy on the COVID-19 risks for people with mental disorders: An umbrella review and evidence- and consensus-based recommendations for mental and public health(European Psychiatry , Vol. 65, August 2022) Authors: Benedetta Vai, Mario Gennaro Mazza, Casanova Dias Marisa, Julian Beezhold, Hilkka Kärkkäinen, John Saunders, Jerzy Samochowiec,Francesco Benedetti, Marion Leboyer, Paolo Fusar-Poli and Livia De Picker.


European Psychiatry  (Vol. 64, February 2021): EPA Guidance on Treatment of Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia
Authors: S. Galderisi, S. Kaiser, I. Bitter, M. Nordentoft, A. Mucci, M. Sabé, G.M. Giordano, M.Ø. Nielsen, L.B. Glenthøj, P. Pezzella, P. Falkai, S. Dollfus and W. Gaebel

European Psychiatry  (Vol. 64, February 2021):EPA Guidance on Assessment of Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia
Authors:  S. Galderisi, A. Mucci, S. Dollfus, M. Nordentoft, P. Falkai, S. Kaiser, G.M. Giordano, A. Vandevelde, M.Ø. Nielsen, L.B. Glenthøj, M. Sabé, P. Pezzella, I. Bitter and W. Gaebel


European Psychiatry  (Vol. 63, July 2020): EPA Guidance on the Quality of Mental Health Services: a Systematic Meta-review and Update of Recommendations Focusing on Care Coordination
Authors:  W. Gaebel, A. Kerst, B. Janssen, T. Becker, M. Musalek, W. Rössler, M. Ruggeri, G. Thornicroft, J. Zielasek, J. Stricker


European Psychiatry  (Vol. 51, June 2018): EPA Guidance on Forensic Psychiatry: Evidence-based Assessment and Treatment of Mentally Disordered Offenders
Authors:  B. A. Völlm, M. Clarke, V. T. Herrando, A. O. Seppänen, P. Gosek, J. Heitzman, E. Bulten

European Psychiatry  (Vol. 54, October 2018): EPA Guidance on Physical Activity as a Treatment for Severe Mental Illness: a Meta-review of the Evidence and Position Statement from the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), supported by the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Mental Health (IOPTMH)
Authors:  B. Stubbs, D. Vancampfort, M. Hallgren, J. Firthe, N. Veronese, M. Solmi, S. Brand, J. Cordes, B. Malchow, M. Gerber, A. Schmitt, C. U. Correll, M. De Hert, F. Gaughran, F. Schneider, F. Kinnafick, P. Falkai, H. Möller, K. G. Kahl


European Psychiatry  (Vol. 41, March 2017): EPA Guidance on eMental Health Interventions in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Authors: W. Gaebel, I. Großimlinghaus, D. Mucic, A. Maercker, J. Zielasek, A. Kerst


European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience  (Vol. 266, n° 2, March 2016):

 EPA Guidance on Improving the Image of Psychiatry
Authors: A. M. Möller-Leimkühler, H.-J. Möller, W. Maier, W. Gaebel and P. Falkai

 EPA Guidance on Mental Health and Economic Crises in Europe
Authors: M. Martin-Carrasco, S. Evans-Lacko, G. Dom, N. G. Christodoulou, J. Samochowiec, E. González-Fraile, P. Bienkowski, M. Gómez-Beneyto, M. J. H. Dos Santos and D. Wasserman

EPA Guidance on the Quality of eMental Health Interventions in the Treatment of Psychotic Disorders
Authors: W. Gaebel, I. Großimlinghaus, A. Kerst, Y. Cohen, A. Hinsche-Böckenholt, B. Johnson, D. Mucic, I. Petrea, W. Rössler, G. Thornicroft and J. Zielasek

EPA Guidance on Training in Psychiatry Throughout Europe
Authors: A. Brittlebank, M.Hermans, D. Bhugra, M. Pinto da Costa, M. Rojnic-Kuzman, A. Fiorillo, T. Kurimay, C. Hanon, D. Wasserman and R.J. van der Gaag

European Psychiatry  (Vol. 33, March 2016): EPA Guidance on Psychotherapy in Chronic Depression Across Europe
Authors: A. Jobst, E.-L. Brakemeier, A. Buchheim, F. Caspar, P. Cuijpers, K.P. Ebmeier, P. Falkai, R. Jan van der Gaag, W. Gaebel, S. Herpertz, T. Kurimay, L. Sabaß, K. Schnell, E. Schramm, C. Torrent, D. Wasserman, J. Wiersma and F. Padberg


European Psychiatry (Vol. 30, Issue 3, March 2015): 

The Relevance of EPA Guidance Papers in the Framework of the European Psychiatric Association
Authors: R. Heun and W. Gaebel, for the EPA Guidance Committee.

EPA Guidance on Quality Assurance in Mental Healthcare
Authors: W. Gaebel, I. Großimlinghaus, R. Heun, B. Janssen, B. Johnson, T. Kurimay, P. Montellano, M. Muijen, P. Munk-Jorgensen, W. Rössler, M. Ruggeri, G. Thornicroft and J. Zielasek

EPA Guidance on the Early Intervention in Clinical High Risk States of Psychoses
Authors: S.J. Schmidt, F. Schultze-Lutter, B.G. Schimmelmann, N.P. Maric, R.K.R. Salokangas, A. Riecher-Rössler, M. van der Gaag, A. Meneghelli, M. Nordentoft, M. Marshall, A. Morrison, A. Raballo, J. Klosterkötter and S. Ruhrmann

EPA Guidance on the Early Detection of Clinical High Risk States of Psychoses
Authors: F. Schultze-Lutter, C. Michel, S.J. Schmidt, B.G. Schimmelmann, N.P. Maric, R.K.R. Salokangas, A. Riecher-Rössler, M. van der Gaag, M. Nordentoft, A. Raballo, A. Meneghelli, M. Marshall, A. Morrison, S. Ruhrmann and J. Klosterkötter

EPA Guidance on the Role and Responsibilities of Psychiatrists
Authors: D. Bhugra, A. Ventriglio, M.R. Kuzman, G. Ikkos, M.-M. Hermans, P. Falkai, A. Fiorillo, M. Musalek, C. Hoschl, J. Dales, J. Beezhold, W. Rössler, G. Racetovic and W. Gaebel

EPA Guidance on How to Improve the Image of Psychiatry and of the Psychiatrist
Authors: D. Bhugra, N. Sartorius, A. Fiorillo, S. Evans-Lacko, A. Ventriglio, M.H.M. Hermans, P. Vallon, J. Dales, G. Racetovic, J. Samochowiec, M. Roca Bennemar, T. Becker, T. Kurimay and W. Gaebel

EPA Guidance on Cultural Competence Training
Authors: M. Schouler-Ocak, I.T. Graef-Calliess, I. Tarricone, A. Qureshi, M.C. Kastrup and D. Bhugra


European Psychiatry (Vol 29 n° 2, February 2014):

EPA Guidance on Building Trust in Mental Health Services
Authors: Gaebel W, Muijen M, Baumann AE, Bhugra D, Wasserman D, van der Gaag RJ, Heun R, Zielasek J

EPA Guidance on Mental Health Care of Migrants
Authors: Bhugra D, Gupta S, Schouler-Ocak M, Graeff-Callies I, Deakin NA, Quershi A, Dales J, Moussaoui D, Kastrup M

EPA Guidance on Post-graduate Psychiatric Training in Europe
Authors: Mayer S, van der Gaag RJ, Dom G, Wasserman D, Gaebel W, Falkai P, Schüle C

EPA Guidance on Tobacco Dependence and Strategies for Smoking Cessation in People with Mental Illness
Authors: Rüther T, Bobes J, De Hert M, Svensson T, Mann K, Batra A, Gorwood P, Möller HJ


European Psychiatry (Vol 27 n° 2, February 2012):

EPA Guidance on Prevention of Mental Disorders
Authors: J. Campion, K. Bhui, D .Bhugra

EPA Guidance on the Quality of Mental Health Services
Authors: W. Gaebel, T. Becker, B. Janssen, P. Munk-Jorgensen, M. Musalek, W. Rössler, K. Sommerlad, M. Tansella, G. Thornicroft, J. Zielasek

EPA Guidance on the Conflicts of Interest
Authors: C. Höschl, L. Fialová

Mental Health Promotion: Guidance and Strategies
Authors: G. Kalra, G. Christodoulou, R. Jenkins, V. Tsipas, N. Christodoulou, D. Lecic-Tosevski, J. Mezzich, D. Bhugra

Position Statement of the EPA on the Value of Antidepressants in the Treatment of Unipolar Depression
Authors: H.-J. Möller, I. Bitter, J. Bobes, K. Fountoulakis, C. Höschl, S. Kasper

EPA Guidance on Suicide Treatment and Prevention
Authors: D. Wasserman, Z. Rihmer, D. Rujescu, M. Sarchiapone, M. Sokolowski, D. Titelman, G. Zalsman, Z. Zemishlany, V. Carli