european psychiatric association

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is the highest honour awarded by the EPA and is conferred in recognition of excellent service to the EPA.

Current list of EPA Honorary Members :

  • Professor ANGST Jules
  • Professor BALLUS PASCUAL D. Carlos
  • Professor BECH Per
  • Professor BOYER Patrice
  • Doctor CHANOIT Pierre
  • Doctor EDWARDS Guy
  • Professor GAEBEL Wolfgang
  • Professor GALDERISI Silvana
  • Professor GRAHAM P.J.
  • Professor HÄFNER Heinz
  • Professor HELGASON Tómas
  • Professor HÖSCHL Cyril
  • Doctor KASTRUP Marianne
  • Doctor LICHT Rasmus
  • Professor MAJ Mario
  • Professor MENDLEWICZ Julien
  • Professor MÖLLER Hans-Jürgen
  • Professor MURRAY Robin
  • Professor NISSEN Gerhardt
  • Professor PAYKEL Eugene S.
  • Professor SARTORIUS Norman
  • Professor SASS Henning
  • Professor SEDVALL Göran
  • Professor WASSERMAN Danuta
  • Doctor WILCKEN Andreas

This membership category relieves the obligation to pay membership fees, but keeps the right to attend and vote in Extraordinary and Ordinary General Assemblies and to stand for election to the Board.