european psychiatric association

Endorsed Publications

The EPA endorses publications in order to align joint efforts in the field of mental health. Throughout the years, the EPA has endorsed multiple publications of other organisations to express support and underline that cooperation is an important element to increase awareness and outreach.


The EPA endorses the report “Schizophrenia: Time to Commit to Policy Change 2024”

Authors: Silvana GalderisiStephen MarderDavi KaurPeter KériBelinda LennoxDavid McDaidTina Matthews, HayesSabine MULLERFiona NolanMerete NordentoftPavalkis DainiusJohn Saunders and Tomiki Sumiyoshi


The EPA endorses the Italian Psychiatric Association’s call for adequate mental health care during the COVID-19 pandemic


GAMIAN-Europe Call to Action on improving patient empowerment and self-management of care in mental health

EBC Brain Mission

Joint statement on “Mental Health for the EU Health Policy Platform”

A sustainable approach to depression: moving from words to actions report

Psychiatry and psychiatrists: Fourteen core statements
Authors: S. Galderisi and P. Falkai
Published in European Psychiatry (Vol. 52, August 2018)


Joint statement on “Improving the employment of people with chronic diseases in Europe”

The EPA, Brexit and beyond
Authors: J. Beezhold, W. Gaebel, S. Galderisi, P. Gorwood, M. Martín Carrasco, D. Wasserman on behalf of EPA Board members
Published in European Psychiatry (Vol. 42, May 2017)