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Section Administration

How does a Section function?

How to join a Section

EPA Individual Members can join the Sections directly through their personal EPA Extranet account. Non-EPA members can join a Section only by directly contacting the relevant Section Committee. As Section members, they are required to become members of the EPA within 1 year of joining the Section. Individuals who are not members of the EPA, and who are not Section members, are welcome to participate in scientific meetings organised by the EPA or its Sections, however some events may be invitation-only.

As each Section is self-administrating, please contact the Section that you would like to join directly for more information. Contact details are available on the individual Section pages listed here.

How to establish a new Section

Any paid-up EPA Member may propose the creation of a new Section. Proposals must be sent to the EPA President 2 months in advance of the EPA Board meeting. Each proposal must include the Section title, its objectives, a list of the activities to be conducted within the two years following establishment, the list of members and the composition of the Section’s Committee.

The proposal must be pre-approved by the EPA Board upon the following criteria:

  • the proposed Section Committee is composed of paid-up EPA Individual, Fellow or Honorary Members,
  • the proposed Section Committee includes experts in the field,
  • the proposed Section has at least 10 paid-up EPA Members,
  • a majority of the proposed Section’s members are eligible to become EPA Members, and
  • the proposed field is relevant to the EPA and is not already covered by an existing Section.

After pre-approval by the EPA Board, the Section may start to function on an ad-hoc basis. The establishment of the Section must then to be approved by the General Assembly.

How to manage your Section

For detailed information about how to update Section information on the EPA Extranet, submit Section reports and other Section administration needs, download the step-by-step Extranet Guide for Section Administration.

For questions, please contact the EPA Administrative Office.

For further information about the rules of procedures for Sections click here