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“Help for Helpers” Webinars

In April 2022, the EPA organised a series of Webinars “Help for Helpers”, to provide first line helpers and volunteers with a psychological toolkit for helping refugees fleeing their country because of war. The webinars have been recorded, and are now available below.

To provide a comprehensive framework of information, the three webinars focused on the following themes:
1) Introduction and practical tips on psychological first aid for helpers
2) Practical tips for supporting children
3) Traumatisation and resilience in Helpers (How to take care of oneself)

More information on the three webinars and on the lecturers can be found in the Programme (here).
The slides used by lecturers can be consulted by clicking on the links included in the Programme for each presentation.

Introduction – “Help for helpers” Webinars

This video is also available in Croatian and Hungarian.

Webinar 1 – Help for helpers: introduction and practical tips 

This video is also available in Romanian and Hungarian.

Webinar 2 – Help for helpers: focus on children

This video is also available in Romanian and Hungarian.

Webinar 3 – Training course for supervisors of helpers: traumatisation and resilience in helpers (how to take care of oneself)  

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