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mPIVAS Project

The EPA was a full partner in European-level project called mPIVAS (mHealth psychoeducational intervention versus antipsychotic-induced side effects), initiated by the EPA Early Career Psychiatrists Committee (ECPC) and funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

mPIVAS project closes with promising results

A word from Dr. Martina Rojnic Kuzman, project coordinator, on the success of mPIVAS, an EU-funded project for mHealth Psychoeducational Intervention Versus Antipsychotic-Induced Side Effects:

The EPA and its partners have successfully finished the mPIVAS project with a number of significant outcomes:

  1. training course during the European Psychiatric Congress (2014) and its web-cast freely available on the EPA website;
  2. organisation of the “cascade” courses on the monitoring of side effects and the use of the PsyLOG app in all participating organisations;
  3. availability of the PsyLOG mobile application for monitoring side effects of the psychiatric medication Androids in six languages, intended to enhance the link between patients and their doctors and help doctors in the decision-making process;
  4. and finally, completion of the first study on PsyLOG showing that patients using the PsyLOG group detected significantly more and also rarer side effects faster than compared to the other group.

The project results were presented at three international conferences, at several national conferences and in several publications.
For those interested in joining the project and using PsyLOG, please visit or contact us at

mPIVAS project – Partners

There were 6 full partners from 5 countries in the project:

7 silent partners were also involved in the project.

mPIVAS project – Objectives

The project aimed at improving the monitoring of side effects of antipsychotic medication in clinical practice. For this purpose, innovative psychoeducational courses on the subject were organised for mental health professionals during EPA Munich 2014 as well as in project countries, and a mobile application (PsyLOG) facilitating the monitoring of side effects was produced. You can find the programme of the psychoeducational course that was held during the EPA Munich 2014 here, and the webcast of the course in the following section.

EPA 2014 Munich – Psychoeducational Course webcast

Part 1: Strategies to prevent side effects from antipsychotic treatment

Antipsychotics in the treatment of schizophrenia: efficacy and side effects (by I. Bitter)

Side effects of antipsychotics: prevention and treatment strategies (by A. Mitchell)

Part 2: eHealth in the prevention and treatment of psychotic disorders

M-health in psychiatry: A new horizon in mental health care (by F. Spaniel)

eHealth interventions in schizophrenia (by D. Mucic)

More information on the project can be found on the official project website and the dedicated Facebook page.