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COVID-19 Resources: Turkey

Articles recently published online by the Psychiatric Association of Turkey in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Turkish language resources:

• Task Force Report on COVID-19 Pandemic-related Adaptations in the Provision of Psychiatry Inpatient Care

• Guidelines for Adults with ADHD and Their Families During COVID-19 Pandemic 

• Guidelines for Health Professionals on Sharing Sad News with COVID-19 Patients and Family Members 

• Recommendations on Sleep Hygiene During Coronavirus Pandemic

• Recommendations on Alcohol and Substance Use and Use Disorders 

• COVID-19 Pandemic and Mood Disorders: Guidelines for Patients with Depressive or Bipolar Disorder 

• Compulsory Treatments with Regard to Mental Disorders and Risk of Infection During COVID-19  

• Recommendations for Forensic Psychiatry Clinics and Prisons During COVID-19

• COVID-19 and Children 

• COVID-19 Related Precautions in the Care of the Residents of Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities for the Staff  

• Recommendations of Care for Patients with Dementia and Caregivers during COVID-19 Pandemic 

• Guidelines Against Burn-out During COVID-19 Pandemic for Healthcare Professionals 

• Recommendations for the Healthcare Facility Administrators for the Protection of the Mental Well-being of the Healthcare Professionals 

• COVID-19 and Refugees 

• The Psychological Effects of the Quarantine and Means of Prevention 

• COVID-19 and Stigmatization 

• What can people older than 65 years do in order to protect their mental well-being? 

• Guidelines for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals in Managing COVID-19 Related Fear and Anxiety 

• Simple Behavioural Techniques Effective in the Management of Stress  

• Psychiatry During COVID-19 Pandemic: Crisis Intervention 

• Recommendations for the Appropriate Use of Telepsychiatry During COVID-19 Pandemic  

• Recommendations for Outpatient Psychiatry Clinics During COVID-19 Pandemic 

• Recommendations for Inpatient Psychiatry Clinics During COVID-19 Pandemic  

• Mental Health During COVID-19 and Coping with Stress 

• Interactions Between Psychotrops and Drug Recommended for COVID-19 

• Psychiatric Side-effects of Drugs Currently Recommended in COVID-19 Treatment Algorithms  

• Delirium and Withdrawal During COVID-19