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EPA Resources for COVID-19

The EPA is deeply concerned by the current COVID-19 pandemic and its tremendous impact on the lives of people worldwide.

There is a wide consensus that the COVID-19 pandemic not only affects physical health, but also mental health and well-being (Brooks et al., 2020; Shigemura et al., 2020). The pandemic and the related containment measures – namely quarantine, physical distancing and self-isolation – can have a detrimental impact on mental health. Everywhere around the world, mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, are collaborating to care for and support people with existing mental health concerns, but also to those who are now suffering from the psychosocial consequences of the pandemic.

Given the high variability of the impact of COVID-19 in the different countries that EPA represents through its National Psychiatric Associations (NPAs), which reflects local specificities but also different policies, economies, and social and health systems, we strongly believe in the urgent need for solidarity, not only at the human level but also among countries.

The EPA and its partners have compiled key resources for mental health professionals and the general public in a dedicated COVID-19 Resource Centre, which will be continually updated with research, recommendations, and country-specific guidelines as more information is made available.

Visit the EPA’s COVID-19 Resource Centre

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