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EPA Statement: Conflict in Israel, Gaza and beyond

Strasbourg and Brussels, 20 October 2023

The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) notes with utmost concern, the shocking events of the morning of Saturday 7 October 2023, and the ensuing violence and turmoil affecting very many people.

The EPA is a medical association representing over 78,000 mental health care professionals across Europe, including Israel, and maintains an apolitical and neutral stance. Nevertheless, we vehemently denounce the war and human rights violations we have seen because of the devastating and long-lasting impact on people’s mental health.

In accordance with international law, the EPA urges the safeguarding of civilians, patients or otherwise, and healthcare practitioners – including mental healthcare professionals – as well as the protection of healthcare systems and civilian infrastructures.

The EPA wishes to express its solidarity with all who are suffering and who are directly and indirectly affected by this conflict. We firmly advocate for a peaceful and swift resolution of this conflict, calling for the prioritization of the delivery of humanitarian and medical aid to those requiring assistance.

The EPA and its partners have curated a collection of valuable resources addressing methods for managing trauma in humanitarian crises. We invite all those in need to utilize the EPA Resource Centre available at:

EPA Office – contact details:

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