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EPA Statement on the establishment of an “EPA Network of Solidarity for Ukraine”

On 7th March 2022 the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) established the “EPA Network of Solidarity for Ukraine”. During a Zoom teleconference, EPA member representatives from Ukraine and neighbouring countries developed a plan to support mental health professionals, and the lay public, to cope with the mental health consequences of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The plan consists of the following points:

Build a virtual repository of documents to aid professionals and the general public in treating and coping with traumatising events. This Repository went online on the EPA website on 7th March and is constantly expanded with new information. If you have additional materials which should be added, please send them to the EPA Brussels Office (contact details are below).

Give access to webinars to provide tools for professionals to (demonstrate how to) help people suffering from trauma due to wars and conflicts. The first webinar will be online soon and until then further ideas for webinars or linking up with available ones is warmly welcomed.

Build a list of psychiatrists and psychologists available to give professional support to persons in need. A basic list is already established, and volunteers are warmly welcomed to send their name and email addresses to the EPA Brussels Office if they wish to be added to the list. EPA office can help with providing zoom links for the sessions.

Finally, the EPA will make a financial contribution to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to make sure that those fleeing the war will receive much needed support. The EPA calls on its individual and national psychiatric association members to support Ukrainians by also donating to the charity of their choice. The “EPA Network of Solidarity” will monitor the situation on a weekly basis, meeting regularly to discuss how best to support mental health professionals at this very difficult time for Europe.

EPA Brussels Office – contact details:

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