european psychiatric association

Addictive Behaviours

Section committee

ACHAB Sophia, Co-Chair
FONSECA Francina FONSECA Francina, Secretary
BATALLA Albert, Councillor
ORSOLINI Laura, First Other Councillor

Section mission

This Section's mission is to:

Reduce harm caused by addictive behaviours and thereby contribute to increased quality of life and a healthy society.

Section objectives

  1. To raise awareness about the relevance of substance misuse issues for other Sections of the European Psychiatric Association
  2. To enhance understanding of the mechanisms underlying addictive behaviour
  3. To understand the social context of the development of addictive behaviour with particular attention to ’special’ groups including women, older people, ethnic minorities
  4. To improve psychological and pharmacological treatment interventions for addicted individuals
  5. To develop appropriate delivery of interventions within a service framework
  6. To assess specific needs of migrants with addictive disorders and to provide skills in transcultural assessment and intercultural therapy of addictive disorders
  7. To develop and deliver training courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development
  8. To compare and contrast clinical service, training, research and policy across Europe
  9. To develop a network of practitioners and scientists for exchange of ideas, policy development and for the evolution of research
  10. To advocate for patients with addiction problems

Annual reports