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Section committee

MUSALEK Michael , Chair

RABALLO Andrea, Co-Chair

VARANDAS Pedro Fernando, Secretary

STANGHELLINI Giovanni, Councillor

Aims & Objectives

Section mission

Historical background

The Psychopathology Section of European Psychiatric Association (EPA) is one of the oldest sections of the organisation. Formed by some of the founding members of EPA such as Prof. Peter Berner (Vienna), Prof. Nils Retterstol (Oslo), Prof. Pierre Pichot (Paris), as become very active in the following years by the actions of Prof. Michael Musalek (Vienna) and Prof. Stein Opjordsmoen (Oslo) youngest pupils of them and also members of the WPA Section of Psychopathology.

By this co-joint work with the WPA Section of Psychopathology, the Psychopathology Section of EPA soon has been enriched its memberships with people from all over Europe like U.K. (Andrew Sims, Ian Brockington, John Cutting), Italy (Arnaldo Ballerini, Giovanni Stanghellini), Germany (Christoph Mundt, Thomas Fuchs) and others that have cooperate intensively in the promotion of Psychopathology as a fundamental discipline of Psychiatry, in the eighties and nineties, when other emergent disciplines have almost given the idea that Psychopathology was a matter historic research.

Today Psychopathology has regain is role in Psychiatry and the Section is offering services and open membership to all who want to join the effort of putting Psychiatry aligns with its origins but also with future reflection.


The mission of EPA Psychiatric Section is to promote Psychopathology as a fundamental discipline of Psychiatry at the level of clinical conceptualisation, at the level of philosophical reflection on Psychiatry and at the level of the research support to all fields of Psychiatry.

Section objectives

  1. Promote Psychopathology as a primordial discipline in clinical practice evaluation
  2. Develop Psychopathology on training programs throughout Europe
  3. Highlight the importance of Psychopathology in Clinical Research



Paris Annual Section Symposium7-8 December 2018

Paris Annual Section Symposium7-8 December 2018
Description :

Every year, since the last 22 years the Section of Psychopathology organize an annual event in a Symposium format at Salpetriérè-Paris. The participation on this Symposium is done by invitation to all section members and non members interested in the topic choosen. In 2018 the topic was Aesthetics in the context of clinic theory and practice under the title of "Nature and Narratives of Beauty and Creativity".Once again the participation was high in number and quality of discussions. Participants came from UK, Austria, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal, France, Finland, Switzerland and Japan. All the participants have regular activities as academics, researchers and leaders in their countries, or worldwide on the fields namely, of Psychopathology and Philosophy of Psychiatry. 


Venue :
Date :
December 2018
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