Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (MHID)

Section Board

Krzysztof KRYSTA, Chair

Michael - Mark THEIL, Co-Chair

Bhathika PERERA, Secretary

Samuel ELSTNER, Councillor

Aims & Objectives

Section's mission

The mission of the Section Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities is to raise awareness of the mental health difficulties of people with intellectual disabilities and their assessment and management to all psychiatrists practising in Europe.

Section's objectives

  1. To raise the issue of the mental health needs of children, young people, and adults with intellectual disabilities and their carers among psychiatrists in Europe
  2. To develop EPA recommendations on the psychiatric care of people with intellectual disabilities
  3. To promote research on mental health in intellectual disabilities
  4. To promote education in psychiatric training programmes on intellectual disabilities
  5. To work collaboratively with partner Sections of EPA on their relevance to people with intellectual disabilities
  6. To achieve the objectives through publication and academic meetings of EPA
  7. To collaborate with intellectual disabilities organisations and professional psychiatric associations in Europe



EPA Section MHID and Polish Psychiatric Association Conference, Wisla, Poland 6 - 8 December 2017


The EPA Section MHID was invited by the Polish Psychiatric Association to attend and present their work at the Conference in Wisla in December 2017. Dr. K. Krysta led on the presentation by the EPA Section MHID at the Conference.


Polish Psychiatric Association

Venue: Wisla, Poland

Date: 01/01/1970

Attendance: 155 delegates

Guidance Paper


The Section MHID has worked in 2017 on developing the Guidance paper on MHID. It is a collaborative and joint approach by clinicians from across Europe. The authors have taken advise from the EPA Publications Committee. The paper will be submitted to EPA by March 2018. 

Skype teleconferences of EPA Section MHID Officers


In order to maintain coherence among the Section Board members, the officers have convened three teleconferences in 2017. The teleconferences have been effective in co-ordinating the work of the Section in preparation for the EPA Congress and organising the activities of the Section.

Venue: Teleconference

Date: 01/01/1970

Attendance: Three EPA Section MHID Officers

EPA Congress 2017


The Section MHID convened a joint symposium with the EPA Ethics Committee on the rights of people with Intellectual Disabilities. Speakers were drawn from Denmark, UK, and Ireland. The symposium was attended by 40 delegates.


EPA Ethics Committee

Venue: EPA Congress 2017

Date: 02/04/2017

Attendance: Forty delegates

CEBMH Conference


Members of EPA Section MHID attended the CEBMH Conference in Cambridge UK. The theme was mental health where the Section MHID presented on mental health problems in peopls with Intellectual Disabilites led by Dr. K. Krysta of Katowice, Poland.



Venue: Cambridge UK

Date: 06/09/2017

Attendance: Thirty delegates

Twitter account (@EPA_MHID)


The EPA Section MHID developed its Twitter account in 2017. It currently has 22 followers and is following 132.

The purpose of the account is to raise the profile of the Section and to attract new members to EPA and to attend EPA Congress. In addition, the account will help to disseminate learning and knowledge on MHID and act as a reference point for clinicians interested and wishing to learn about MHID.

Ask-the-Expert session


The EPA Section MHID hosted an 'Ask-the-Expert' session at EPA Congress 2017. Two officers hosted the session that was successful in promoting MHID among delegates.

Venue: EPA Congress 2017

Date: 02/04/2017


Presentations at non-section events

Other Section activities

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