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Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (MHID)

Section committee

PERERA Bhathika PERERA Bhathika, Secretary
COURTENAY Kenneth, Councillor
KRZOSKA Carolin, First Other Councillor
ELSTNER Samuel, Second Other Councillor

Section mission

This Section's mission is to:

The mission of the Section Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities is to raise awareness of the mental health difficulties of people with intellectual disabilities and their assessment and management to all psychiatrists practising in Europe.

Section objectives

  1. To raise the issue of the mental health needs of children, young people, and adults with intellectual disabilities and their carers among psychiatrists in Europe
  2. To develop EPA recommendations on the psychiatric care of people with intellectual disabilities
  3. To promote research on mental health in intellectual disabilities
  4. To promote education in psychiatric training programmes on intellectual disabilities
  5. To work collaboratively with partner Sections of EPA on their relevance to people with intellectual disabilities
  6. To achieve the objectives through publication and academic meetings of EPA
  7. To collaborate with intellectual disabilities organisations and professional psychiatric associations in Europe

Annual reports

Calendar of Future Activities

EPA 2020

EPA 2020
Desciption :

MHID Section will be doing a symposium on dementia in ID at the EPA 2020.

MOOC in Intellectual disability

MOOC in Intellectual disability
Desciption :

MHID section has submitted a proposal for a MOOC. This is aimed to improve knowledge and increase awareness on understanding and managing people with Intellectual disabilities. Section is currently waiting to hear the outcome.

European Guidance paper on MHID

European Guidance paper on MHID
Desciption :

MHID Section is working on the European Guidance paper on MHID and aiming to submit in Spring 2020