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Neurodevelopmental Disorders Across the Lifespan (NDAL)

Section committee

KOOIJ J.j. Sandra KOOIJ J.j. Sandra , Chair
PHILIPSEN Anne Kjems PHILIPSEN Anne Kjems, Secretary
ASHERSON Philip, Councillor
RAMOS-QUIROGA Josep Antoni, First Other Councillor

Section mission

This Section's mission is to:

Promote the improvement of mental health services to patients with neurodevelopmental disorders across lifespan via the creation of a forum in which research, training, diagnosis, and treatment can be explored in a specifically European context.

Neurodevelopmental disorders, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders are impairments of the growth and development of the brain. These conditions typically have a childhood onset and persist into adult life, but there is a significant unmet clinical and research need to understand the persistence into adulthood. Neurodevelopmental disorders are associated with a significant mental, physical, and economic consequences for individuals, and in turn their families and society in general. 


  1. To promote the training in neurodevelopmental disorders across lifespan.
  2. To enhance the knowledge about the persistence of neurodevelopmental disorders across lifespan.
  3. To improve diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders in adulthood.
  4. To promote research in neurodevelopmental disorders across life span in Europe.


  1. To organize scientific and educational symposia during the annual European Congress of Psychiatry.
  2. To organize a Continuing Medical Education (CME) course on neurodevelopmental disorders across lifespan in collaboration with national psychiatry societies.
  3. Collaboration with other EPA sections.
  4. Collaboration with the WPA and ECNP in order to improve the management and the research of these disorders across life span.
  5. Networking with other European organizations, with a focus on neurodevelopmental disorders, such as the European Network of Adult ADHD or Family Caretakers Associations.
  6. To establish a platform for the creation of consortiums to increase the research in this field in Europe. 

Section's activities

1. Section symposium at EPA annual meeting.

2. Workshops at EPA congresses.

3. Educational materials about neurodevelopmental disorders across lifespan.

4. Publications (guidelines, results of collaborative research, etc…).

5. Strengthening collaboration between European psychiatrists in the field of research, knowledge transfer and exchange in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan. 

Section objectives

  1. To promote the training in neurodevelopmental disorders across lifespan.

Annual reports

Future Activities


25 March 2023 - 28 March 2023 / Paris
Description :

SP-1262 - Non-pharmacological treatment strategies of ADHD 

1. dr. Ana Moscoso - The efficacy of cognitive remediation in children and adolescents with ADHD - a new meta-analysis.

2. prof. Stephanie Bioulac - The use of virtual reality as a non-pharmacological approach to ADHD

3. prof. Sandra Kooij - Super Brains app for ADHD, a psycho-educative program for adults with ADHD

4. Dr. Wynchank - management of sleep disorders in adult ADHD


EPA 2023
EPA 2023
25 March 2023 - 28 March 2023 / Paris
Description :

SP-1290 - Women's mental health issues across the lifespan

1. dr. Nadia Micali - Eating disorders across the lifespan

2. prof. Sandra Kooij - Hormonal moodchanges in women with ADHD across the lifespan

3. dr. Janneke Wittekoek - The cardiologist's view: Why are there so many women with ADHD in my clinic?

4. dr. Angelika Wieck - Depression linked with reproductive events in women: When should we consider hormonal treatments?


EPA 2023
EPA 2023
25 March 2023 - 28 March 2023 / Paris
Description :

CP-1111 Annual course by NDAL section on assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults


Directors: Sandra Kooij and Toni Ramos-Quiroga

1. Prevalence, neurobiology of ADHD - prof. Sandra Kooij

2. Symptoms and impairment - dr .James Kustow

3. Psychiatric and somatic comorbidities - dr. Christian Grau

4. Treatment - prof. Toni Ramos-Quiroga


EPA 2023
EPA 2023
25 March 2023 - 28 March 2023 / Paris
Description :

SP-1183 ADHD and substance use disorders in adoelscents and young adults: state of the art

Director: prof. Arnt Schellekens. Co-director: prof. Sandra Kooij

EPA sections symposium:Addictive behaviours and NDAL section


1. prof. Toni Ramos-Quiroga - Shared heritability in ADHD and addiction

2. prof. Arnt Schellekens - Altered reward processing as shared mechanisms in ADHD and addiction

3. dr. Cleo Crunelle - Clinical recommendations for patients with ADHD and addiction

4. dr. Cornee Coetzee - Treatment of ADHD and addiction in South Africa