european psychiatric association

Public Mental Health

Section committee

CAMPION Jonathan, Co-Chair
KOELKEBECK Katja, Secretary
SCANFERLA Elisabetta, Councillor
DESTOOP Marianne, First Other Councillor
TU. Hanna, Second Other Councillor

Section mission

This Section's mission is to:

promote the discipline of public mental health through the following objectives:

Section objectives

  1. Identify evidence-based implementable PMH interventions from relevant publications
  2. Support assessment of the coverage of PMH interventions by different sectors across countries in the European region
  3. Identify PMH implementation barriers
  4. Identify required actions to address PMH implementation failure across the European region
  5. Support PMH training including through development of a EPA PMH syllabus and identification of existing resources
  6. Lead and support development of PMH relevant publications and guidance papers
  7. Present at conferences and webinars
  8. Work with different countries across the European region, their National Psychiatric Associations and broad range of stakeholders to support improved implementation of PMH interventions

Annual reports