european psychiatric association

Cultural Psychiatry

Section committee

GAMBARO Eleonora, Secretary

Section mission

This Section's mission is to:

Promote the improvement of mental health services to immigrant and ethnic minority patients via the creation of a forum in which research, training, diagnosis, and treatment can be explored in a specifically European context.

Section objectives

  1. To create a forum which brings together professionals and others with an interest in the field to explore and develop the field of cultural psychiatry in a European context
  2. To promote, initiate, and carry out culturally competent research concerning the relationship between migration and mental health, ethnopsychopharmacology, psychotherapy, psychometrics, and other rela
  3. To promote the broad notion of cultural competence, particularly in the context of pre-graduate, graduate, and continuing education
  4. To stimulate recruitment into the field of cultural psychiatry and the cultural competence orientation
  5. To contribute to the quality of psychiatric research and mental health treatment by the promotion of the cultural psychiatry into all facets of psychiatry and psychology in Europe
  6. To forge alliances and partnerships with other sections and national and international associations dedicated to cultural psychiatry

Annual reports