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Aims & Objectives

Section's mission

The mission of the Section on Cultural Psychiatry is to promote the improvement of mental health services to immigrant and ethnic minority patients via the creation of a forum in which research, training, diagnosis, and treatment can be explored in a specifically European context.

Section's objectives

  1. To create a forum which brings together professionals and others with an interest in the field to explore and develop the field of cultural psychiatry in a European context
  2. To promote, initiate, and carry out culturally competent research concerning the relationship between migration and mental health, ethnopsychopharmacology, psychotherapy, psychometrics, and other rela
  3. To promote the broad notion of cultural competence, particularly in the context of pre-graduate, graduate, and continuing education
  4. To stimulate recruitment into the field of cultural psychiatry and the cultural competence orientation
  5. To contribute to the quality of psychiatric research and mental health treatment by the promotion of the cultural psychiatry into all facets of psychiatry and psychology in Europe
  6. To forge alliances and partnerships with other sections and national and international associations dedicated to cultural psychiatry



25th EPA Congress, 1-4 April 2017 in Florence, Italy


1. Section symposium

Challenges in Europe: Refugees and Asylum Seeker Patients in Mental Health


Schouler-Ocak Meryam (Germany)

Graef-Calliess Iris T. (Germany)


Laban Cornelius J. (Netherlands) Trauma - and stressor related disorders in refugees and asylum seekers

Kastrup Marianne C. (Denmark) Needs of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Patients in Europe (Task force of the EPA)

Küey Levent (Turkey) How to deal with growing racism and discrimination against refugees and asylum seekers in Europe?

Bhugra Dinesh (United Kingdom) Action plan of the WPA: Action Plan which follows the objectives of the Association relating to refugees and asylum seekers Bhugra Dinesh (United Kingdom)

2. Joint symposium

When forensic-psychiatric care becomes a matter of culture: challenges of trans-cultural psychiatry in forensic settings


Völlm Birgit (United Kingdom)

Schouler-Ocak Meryam (Germany)


Graef-Calliess Iris T. (Germany) Working with Traumatized Immigrants with a PTSD Diagnosis

Norbert Nedopil (Germany) Immigrants with a PTSD Diagnosis in Forensic Psychiatry

Marquant Thomas (Belgium) Pathways to Violent Extremism and Risk Assessment of Terror Detainees

Verbeeck Niels (Belgium) Role of Detention in the Process of Radicalisation

WPA/DGPPN 08. – 12.10.2017 in Berlin, Germany


Symposia on

  • “Racism, perceived discrimination and social defeat in immigrants”
  • „Geflüchtete Menschen im Versorgungssystem - Eine Herausforderung oder Überforderung?“
  • Challenges in mental health care of traumatized refugees

26th EPA Congress 3-6 March 2018in Nice, France



  • Core Symposium: Forcibly Displaced People and Mental Health Challenges in Europe
  • EPA Course 04: Forcibly Displaced People and Mental Health: Knowledge and Skills for Psychiatrists
  • Workshop: Asylum Seeker and Refugee Mental Health: Training Needs of Psychiatrists
  • Symposium: Resource Oriented Approaches in the Treatment of Refugees
  • Intersection symposium on Suicidal behavior in the vulnerable populations: focus on migrants

Second International Conference on Transcultural Psychiatry in Central European Countries18.5.-20.5.2017 in Gdynia, Poland


Chair: Iris T. Graef-Calliess)

Challenges of mental health care in refugees 


Presentations at non-section events

Other Section activities

Other Section activities


Activities in EPA Task Force on Needs of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Patients in Europe

  • Preparation of Workshop
  • Symposium for the Nice Congress 2018
  • Cooperation with the EU-Health Policy Platform – Framing Document

Scientific Programme Committee of the Nice Congress 2018

Activities in EPA Task Force on Mass Violence

In Cooperation with WPA-TPS, Section on Intercultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Migration of DGPPN and DTGPP:

“A call for a humanitarian European response to the mental health situation of asylum seekers and refugees, being forcibly displaced people due to wars, armed conflicts, persecutions, violence and human rights violations".

EFPT-Forum in Istanbul 3.-4.7.2017: Lecture on Immigrant, Refugee and Asylum Seeking Patient

Conference about migration during the annual Society for Improvement of Psychological Sciences  SIPS 

Two seminars in Bologna, the 23 of October and the 25 of November 2017 with the support of EPA ; organized by the Bologna Transcultural Psychosomatic team headed by me in Bologna University



Other Section activities


Cooperation and collaboration with:

  • Section of Transcultural Psychiatry of WPA
  • Section of Intercultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Migration of  DGPPN (German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy)
  • German-Turkish Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Health
  • German-Russian Association of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  • German-Polish Association of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  • Italian Psychiatric Association (Migration’s Psychiatry group)
  • Section of Cultural Psychiatry of Turkish Psychiatric Association
  • Cultural CLP –SIG Group of the EPAM society

Other Section activities


Survey of the section of Cultural Psychiatry: Attitudes About Cultural Psychiatry Europe-wide in process

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