Emergency Psychiatry

Section Board

Pier Maria FURLAN, Chair

Antonio ANDREOLI, Co-Chair

Cornelis MULDER, Secretary

Sam TYANO, Councillor

Luigi JANIRI, vice councillor

Aims & Objectives

Section's mission

Members of the section are psychiatrists working in different fields of mental health at Universities, Hospitals and other Health Care System Units. However, the target section is to include emergency medicine physicians and other professionals involved in mental health prevention interested in the complex differences in approaches to emergency psychiatry linked to social evolutions, immigration, women and children violence, welfare crisis due to economic reasons.

The aim of the Section is to address the developing challenges to emergency psychiatrists in this second decade of the 21st century, indicating growing areas such as natural and human induced disasters, victims of genocide, human violence and terrorist attacks,. A considerable range of topics can be treated, including substance abuse, commitment, aggression, PTSD, EMDR, suicide, catastrophes. A particular attention must be dedicated to different European legislation about the use of restraint systems and civil commitments.

The Section seeks to better define emergencies and urgencies in Psychiatry and to differentiate which kind of violence has to be considered as induced by psychopathological conditions or a derivate of “human being”.

The in progress Italian experience (i.e. the University Department of Mental Health in Turin) includes services of drug and alcohol addiction, adolescence, psychology, psychiatric emergencies and PTDS treatments. Interaction with mental health and drug services may be a topic to be discussed and compared at European level.

Thus, because some items of Emergency Psychiatry could be considered as cross cultural, certainly strong collaboration with other Sections may be considered.

Key issues of Emergency Psychiatry

  • The clinical implications of emergency psychiatric care
  • Emergency psychiatry in urban areas
  • Different and cross cultural models of intervention
  • Deinstitutionalisation, treatment of acute psychiatric disorders, commitments, reclusion and restraint.
  • Community treatments as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization
  • Trends and guidelines in contemporary psychiatric emergency services
  • Reflections on different emergency psychiatry policies in Europe

Section's objectives

  1. To share information of different practices and legislation in different parts of Europe
  2. To compare clinical service, different practices, research, training and policy across Europe
  3. To promote training and the continuing education of health professionals about crisis and emergency mental health care
  4. To encourage research in all aspects of crisis and emergency psychiatric care
  5. To stimulate recruitment into the field of emergency psychiatry
  6. To exchange information among the members of the association
  7. To realize a network for exchange of ideas, policy development and for research
  8. To enhance partnerships and alliances with other EPA sections and national and international associations dedicated to emergency psychiatry
  9. To network with other organisations, with a focus on catastrophes
  10. To reduce seclusion and psychopharmacological intervention in the initial crisis onset



Master Mind EU Pilot Project on Telemedicine against Depression


2013-2017 EU Pilot Project, on telemedicine against depression 


Danmark /Sidddanmark) Spain (Basque Region, Galicia, Aragon, Catalugna-Badalona) UK (Wales, Scotland) Greece, Turkey, Italy (Piedmont. Veneto) Ireland, Germany, Norway, The Nederlands, Belgium, Estonia, Greenland, Norge, EAAD-(Ong) 

Venue: Barcelona, Odensee, Treviso, Torino

Date: 01/01/1970

Attendance: 127 professionals, stakeholders, doctors, nurses, informatic experts

PR China, Xinxiang University (Henan Province) Agreement to settle an University Campus and an International Course on Traditional Medicine, Psychiatry and Non Conventional Therapies

Venue: Xinxiang

Date: 01/01/1970

Attendance: Vice President of Xinxiang University

Onsite Meeting


Government of Estado di Piauì (Brasil)

Venue: Theresinas

Date: 16/04/2018

Attendance: Governor Wellington Dias and staff

Audition Chamber of Deputies - National Italian Parliament


Main Speaker of the Presentation to the National Italian Parliament -a National Law Project on post hospitalisation communities


Prof Luigi Janiri EPA section chair

Date: 06/07/2017

Attendance: President of Justice Commission of Deputies Chamber (On. Ferranti) , Vice Minister of Ministry Of Grace and Justice (on. Ferro), President of DP Parliament Group (On. Rosato), several Deputies, Professors of Medical Schools, University Law Schools, experts, clerks

University of Turin Network of Lessons


Lesson on Violence against woman. Network of lessons in the Day against Violence November 25, 2017

Date: 01/01/1970

Attendance: Students of Turin Medical School and Nurses and Psychiatric Rehabilitation

International Book Fair of the City of Turin.


Presentation of the book Sbatti il matto in prima pagina (Bang the mad in the front page) Author Pier Maria Furlan in the International Book Fair of the City of Turin.(Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino, one of the most important book fair in Europe ) The book traces the history of the Italian Law which leaded to the closure of Mental Asylums through 1500 articles of the principal Italian newspapers in the decade 1968-1978 (more than 1500 articles) 

Venue: Ad Hoc presentation Turin International Book Fair

Date: 01/04/2017

Attendance: 250 ps. Presented by the Rector of Turin University

Peer Education Course. European School


Peer Education Course. European School. Ten lessons for training on peer education on Drug Addiction and Psychiatric Emergencies. An ad hoc educational programme for mid school students for training in peer education.


Section on Emergency Psychiatry WPA, EPA, SIP

Venue: Ten lessons

Date: 01/01/1970

Attendance: 30 students, representative of 10 classes for 300 secondary state school

Florence XXV EPA Congress


Coordiantion meeting of the EPA Section


21 EPA Sections

Venue: XXV EPA Meeting

Date: 01/04/2018


Presentations at non-section events

Other Section activities

Other Section activities


Project for settling a Library and a cultural meeting point for psychiatric and disabled patients in the University San Luigi Generale hospital linked with the network of Metropolitan Area of Turin libraries (1.5 mln books, 65 Libraries) 

Time period: July 2017 November 2019

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