Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry

Section Board

Arnstein MYKLETUN, Chair

Vesna JORDANOVA, Co-Chair

Christine KUEHNER, Councillor

Aims & Objectives

Section's mission

Within the developing field of European psychiatry the Section addresses issues related to the fields of psychiatric epidemiology, social psychiatry and mental health care systems.

Section's objectives

  1. To promote, initiate and perform research in the areas of psychiatric epidemiology and social psychiatry
  2. To stimulate recruitment of young talents to the fields of epidemiology, social psychiatric and mental health services research
  3. To support teaching initiatives in epidemiology and social psychiatry in Europe
  4. To contribute to the quality of psychiatric research and mental health care across Europe



We had a business meeting for our section at IFPE http://www.ifpe2017.org.au/


We had a business meeting for the section during IFPE http://www.ifpe2017.org.au/ with the sole purpose of planning the next conference for our section in Vienna in April 2018. 

Venue: IFPE 2017 http://www.ifpe2017.org.au/

Date: 01/01/1970

Attendance: 16


Presentations at non-section events

Other Section activities

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