european psychiatric association

Forensic Psychiatry

Section committee

GOETHALS Kris , Chair
VAN LIER Ellen, Co-Chair
SCHILTZ Kolja, Secretary
TORT HERRANDO Vicente, Councillor

Section mission

This Section's mission is to:

Promote high quality care for mentally disordered offenders through improved standards of assessment, the development of effective interventions and an increase in research activity in the field of forensic psychiatry.

Section objectives

  1. To raise awareness of forensic psychiatry amongst members of the EPA, other professionals and the general public
  2. To increase and disseminate knowledge in the field of forensic psychiatry
  3. To promote collaboration amongst member of the EPA, between forensic psychiatry and other subspecialties and between the Section and other organisations with similar interests
  4. To promote and support research relevant to the field of forensic psychiatry
  5. To enhance our understanding of mechanisms underlying offending and violent behaviour in individuals with mental disorders, including biological, psychological and social factors
  6. To increase our understanding of effective interventions to improve outcomes, including mental health and offending outcomes and quality of life in mentally disordered offenders
  7. To raise standards of assessment and treatment of mentally disordered offenders in psychiatric and criminal justice settings, e. g. through the development of guidelines and position statements
  8. To compare legal frameworks, policies, models of service delivery and training within Europe
  9. To support teaching initiatives on forensic psychiatry within Europe
  10. To raise awareness of ethical issues in the practice forensic psychiatry
  11. To represent the needs of forensic psychiatrists who are members of the EPA

Annual reports

Future Activities


Summer seminar on forensic psychiatry and psychology in Europe - Annual summer seminar, theme this year: Neurodiversity in forensic psychiatry
Summer seminar on forensic psychiatry and psychology in Europe - Annual summer seminar, theme this year: Neurodiversity in forensic psychiatry
31 July 2023 - 04 August 2023 / Seeon Monastery, Bavaria, Germany
Description :

The seminar should be a module which adds on existing training programmes in forensic psychiatry in different European countries and is hoped to be an incentive to countries where specialized training is not yet established. It is not a training programme to form "European Forensic Psychiatrists", but it should provide knowledge and skills for advanced trainees and gives them the chance to discuss their problems with renowned European specialists.


The purpose of the seminar is to make young European forensic psychiatrists aware of common aspects and differences in forensic psychiatry in the various countries and to learn from each other and from renowned trainers how to improve own skills and at the same time advance the services of forensic psychiatry in their own environment.

Participants are following the pathway of offenders through the system of different European countries and thus learn about the principles that govern the methods and the practice of their work and especially the treatment of mentally ill offenders at the interface of law and psychiatry in different parts of Europe.



Ghent group meeting 2023
Ghent group meeting 2023
14 September 2023 - 16 September 2023 / Zagreb, Croatia
Description :