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EPA 30th Anniversary (2013)

Founded in 1983 in Strasbourg, France, the EPA celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2013! The celebration went on all year long and the special highlights included:

  • EPA 30th Anniversary brochure
  • Congress Plenary Lecture “Future Directions for European Psychiatry – a 30 Year Perspective” led by Prof. Norman Sartorius
  • 30th Anniversary Member’s Round Table
  • Congress Travel Grants
  • and much more!

EPA 30th Anniversary Symposium

On 15 November 2013, the EPA organised a special 30th Anniversary symposium: : “Are people with mental illness truly citizens of Europe?”

Within the frame of its global mission “To improve psychiatry and mental health care in Europe”, the EPA is giving particular attention to the protection of the human and civil rights of people with mental disorders. As such, and as part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2013, the EPA decided to dedicate a special 30th Anniversary Symposium to the topic “Are people with mental illness truly citizens of Europe?”. This Symposium took place at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, on 15 November 2013 and was followed by a cocktail at the Strasbourg town hall. The Symposium was held under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr Thorbjørn Jagland and in the framework of the European Year of Citizens.

The Symposium aimed to improve awareness of the importance of ensuring that the legislation in European countries contains appropriate provisions concerning the protection of people with mental illness, because this would help them to be truly recognised as European citizens. The programme included presentations on ethical, political and cultural aspects of the problem and was followed by a round table involving representatives of the most important organisations working in the field.

The symposium opened with presentations addressing:

  • “Human Rights in relation to vulnerable groups such as mentally ill”(Thorsten Afflerbach, Council of Europe) (abstractslides)
  • “Community psychiatry and treatment of mental illness in the community” (Merete Nordentoft, Denmark) (abstractarticles)
  • “How to facilitate and support self-determination of patients in psychiatric practice” (Andreas Heinz, Germany) (abstractslides)
  • “Interaction between culture, mental illness and human rights” (Norman Sartorius, Switzerland) (abstractslidesrecommended readings)

The presentations were followed by a Round Table discussion moderated by Marianne Kastrup, Chair of EPA’s Committee on Ethical Issues. Thank you to the Round Table participants:

  • Danuta Wasserman, EPA President
  • Michael Hübel, European Commission – DG Sanco
  • Matt Muijen, WHO Europe representative
  • Bert Johnson, EUFAMI President
  • Diane Goslar, Patient
  • Evelyn Bitcon, Carer

Click here to view the complete programme of the Symposium.

EPA 30th Anniversary Awards

In April 2013, EPA gave out 14 awards for different and specific contributions to EPA.

CME Course Director who has offered the most Courses

Professor Torsten Grüttert

Most active Early Career Psychiatrists Awardees

EPA Early Career Psychiatrists

Iris T. Graef-Calliess
Andrea Fiorillo



Country/NPA who has organised the most itinerant CME courses

Wolfgang Maier for DGPPN/Germany

Authors of the most-cited article in European Psychiatry between 2002-2012

“Cardiovascular disease and diabetes in people with severe mental illness” position statement from the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), supported by the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

Author European Psychiatry

Hans-Jürgen Möller
Marc De Hert
Jacqueline M. Dekker
David Wood
Kai G. Kahl
Richard Holt

EPA Council of NPAs for its role in expanding the EPA

EPA Council of NPAs

Mariano Bassi
on behalf of the Council of NPAs

European Psychiatry Journal Editors award

European Psychiatry Editors

Sophia Frangou (Editor)
Philip Gorwood (Editor)
Reinhard Heun (Editor)
Patrice Boyer (Editorial Board, Founding Editor)
Henning Sass (Editorial Board)
J.D. Guelfi (Editorial Board, Founding Editor)
Mario Maj (Editorial Board)
Robin Murray (Editorial Board)
Carlos Ballús Pascual (Editor Emeritus)
Per Bech (Editor Emeritus)
Charles Pull (Editor Emeritus)
Yves Lecrubier (Founding Editor) †

EPA Leaders involved in the Historical change in EPA Statutes

EPA Leaders

Patrice Boyer
Hans-Jürgen Möller
Cyril Höschl
Henning Sass
Marianne Kastrup
Julian Beezhold

Section with the largest number of EPA Members

EPA ​Section award

Gil Zalsman (Chair of the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Section)

EPA Guidance Paper Awards

EPA Guidance Paper

Wolfgang Gaebel

EPA Committee on Education for its Academia for Excellence in European Psychiatry programme

EPA Education

Henning Sass
on behalf of the Committee on Education

Founding Members of EPA

Professor Michel Patris
Professor Horst Dilling
Professor Hans Hippius
Professor Pierre Pichot
Professor Charles Pull
Professor Werner Rein
Professor Manfred Ackenheil †
Professor Peter Berner †
Professor Daniel Bobon †
Professor Henri Dufour †
Professor Hans Heimann †
Professor Léonard Singer †

​Development of collaborative activities with Central and Eastern Europe

EPA Central and Eastern Europe Collaboration

Norman Sartorius

EPA Headquarters Staff for dedicated support for 30 years

Caroline Martin
Zhanna Zhussupova
Katie Luck
Tania Braulio
Maria Vrijmoed-de Vries
accepting on behalf of current and former staff

PCO – efforts in obtaining sponsorship for EPA 2013 Nice

Avital Rosen
Dana Izraeli
from Kenes International (on behalf of all Kenes team)

30th Anniversary Brochure

In April 2013, EPA released a special brochure for its 30th Anniversary. European Psychiatric Association: Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in European Psychiatry – 1983-2013 can be downloaded here.