european psychiatric association

Help us help Ukraine

As part of the “EPA Network of Solidarity for Ukraine” actions EPA will offer concrete support to psychiatrists and their patients in hospitals in Ukraine.   We encourage our National Psychiatric Association (NPA) Member organisations, as well as all our individual members, to join us in this initiative by donating to the fund created for this specific purpose.  We hope that many colleagues will actively join us so we can help as many of our Ukrainian colleagues and their patients as we can during this dreadful time.

or by bank transfer to:

Account Name: European Psychiatric Association
Bank Name: CIC Strasbourg Nuée Bleue, France
IBAN (EUR account): FR76 3008 7330 0100 0102 1870 183
Please quote “UKR Solidarity” in the remittance reference

Please note that EPA is not a public charity or a public utility organisation and therefore any donations made to EPA in the above context will not entitle donors to a tax rebate.

With the collected donations EPA will: (1) arrange for purchase, collection and transport of urgently needed medication to large psychiatric hospitals in Ukraine (the first shipment, fully funded by EPA, was sent on 17 March) and (2) donate funds to national charitable or humanitarian organisations, such as Caritas Poland, for the specific purchase of goods, other than medications, which are urgently needed.  These goods will be conveyed by national charitable or humanitarian organisations to Ukrainian psychiatric hospitals via their already established channels.

All actions undertaken with collected funds in order to help both psychiatric patients and mental health professionals in Ukraine will be relayed via the EPA website and our newsletters to NPAs, EPA members and the mental health community at large.