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Ethical principles and dilemmas in psychiatry

webinar on ethical principle and dilemmas in psychiatry

On Wednesday 7 September 2022, the Committee on Ethical Issues, the Early Career Psychiatrists Committee and the NPAs Steering Committee joined forces during an online webinar to discuss ethical principles and dilemmas in psychiatry.

A warm thank you to the 74 mental health professionals who joined us online for this EPA webinar addressing the complex and captivating topic of ethical questions in psychiatric practice. The event allowed for inspiring discussions on fundamental values for psychiatrists as established by two international ethical charters : the EPA and WPA Codes of Ethics.

Invited speakers discussed the need for alternatives to direct coercive measures as well as an analysis of national procedures and practices addressing ethical issues specific to psychiatry and related disciplines. Participants also had the opportunity to ask their questions during the Q&A session. Many thanks to Prof. Meryam Schouler-Ocak, Dr. Özge Kilic, Prof. Jerzy Samochowiec, Prof. Silvana Galderisi and Prof. Przemyslaw Bienkowski for their valuable insight on ethical principles and dilemmas in psychiatry !

Find out more about the topic with the EPA Code of Ethics prepared by the EPA Committee on Ethical Issues.