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Early Career Psychiatrists Committee

Through the work of its members, the EPA Early Career Psychiatrists Committee (ECPC) and its four Task Forces work on developing programmes and training opportunities for young psychiatrists all over Europe throughout the year.

Early Career Psychiatrists Committee Members 2024

Dr. Tomasz Gondek - Chair
Dr. Egor Chumakov - Co-chair
Dr. Federico Mucci
Dr. Gaia Sampogna
Dr. Asilay Seker
United Kingdom


The ECPC current activities fall into 4 main areas:

The Early Career Psychiatrists Committee is looking for new Task Force members that can bring their time, experience and commitment to actively contribute to the work of the ECP Committee. Task Force members work on developing programmes and training opportunities for young psychiatrists all over Europe.

Their current activities are as follows:

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Several former members of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) gathered within the framework of the European Congress of Psychiatry and launched the idea to build a network of European young psychiatrists, although being no more trainees in psychiatry. Under the guidance of EPA President, Professor Norman Sartorius, the first programme dedicated to young psychiatrists was planned at the XI World Congress of Psychiatry, held in Hamburg, Germany in 1999.
After 5 years, an EPA initiative established a Young Psychiatrists Programme (YPP), a special scientific track dedicated to young psychiatrists, which was held for the first time within the European psychiatric conference during the EPA Congress in Geneva (Switzerland) under the presidency of Prof. Mario Maj.
An ad hoc committee of European young psychiatrists was nominated by the EPA President (Prof. Hennig Sass) to organize scientific activities for young psychiatrists at the European Congress of Psychiatry.
A formal “Young Psychiatrists Committee” (YPC) was officially appointed by EPA (Chair: Iris T. Calliess; Co-Chair: Kai Treichel).
The former Young Psychiatrists Committee became the Early Career Psychiatrists Committee (ECPC; Chair: Iris T. Calliess; Co-Chair: Andrea Fiorillo), the idea of Early Career Psychiatrists Programme is to pay special attention to trainees and young psychiatrists attending international psychiatric conferences.
The ECPC (Chair: Andrea Fiorillo; Co-Chair: Umberto Volpe) launched a specific biennial Action Plan, aimed to improve participation of early career psychiatrists into the EPA Annual Congress, to identify and address problems concerning early career psychiatrists, to promote the participation of early career psychiatrists in the various activities of EPA, to contribute to the design of activities to promote the professional development of early career psychiatrists in Europe, and to propose a new agenda for European early career psychiatrists.
A new ECPC composition was approved for the next two years: M. Rojnic-Kuzman (Chair), A. Nawka (Co-Chair), O. Andlauer, A. Malik, and N. Jovanovic.
The new ECPC members were appointed for the next two years: O. Andlauer (Chair), N. Jovanovic (Co-Chair), K. Koelkebeck, O. Kazakova and M. Pinto da Costa
The Committee composition is renewed : N. Jovanovic (Chair), M. Pinto da Costa (Co-chair), K. Koelkebeck, O. Kazakova and D. Krupchanka