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NPA Activities 2022

Council of NPAs Meetings 2022


The overall aim of this exceptional hybrid Council of NPAs meeting was to gather more in-depth information on the cooperation between the EPA and the Council of NPAs, as well as to help develop a plan to improve integration and collaboration. 46 participants had th opportunity to discuss a wide range of discussions on selected topics, such as:
• The needs and aspirations of the EPA and the Council of NPAs;
• The outcome of current joint projects and ways to renew NPAs’ engagement in current and future projects;
• How to better align the NPAs’ Sections with the EPA Sections;
• How to engage NPAs in the European Curriculum project.

EPA2022 – Virtual

The annual Council of NPAs meeting during the EPA Congress took place online on 4 June 2022. Attended by 37 participants, the meeting presented the Council of NPAs’ current activities, including efforts to organise aid to Ukraine, the approval of a new NPA: the Ukrainian Psychiatric Association, and whether specialist associations should be considered. The first steps towards a reorganisation of the NPAs Steering Committee and expanded collaboration with the EPA were also discussed by participants.


The Winter Retreat took place in January and included 34 participants, including NPAs representatives and EPA leaders. The key topics discussed included an update on the EPA/NPA Task Forces as well as proposals to improve the functioning of the Steering Committee and the Council of NPAs.

Joint Symposia 2022

The EPA, through its Council of NPAs, is present every year in at least one or two national events of its national members with the Council of NPAs Symposia. The Symposia are dedicated to present-day problematics in psychiatry, offering a European and national perspective. This is a way to make the EPA aims and activities visible on a national level and also highlight the local specificities and needs.

Wisła, Poland
8 December 2022

“Pandemic and War – How they Dealt with the Trauma of the Psychiatric Care System in Europe”

Berlin, Germany
26 November 2022

“A Challenge for Mental Health Care”

Tbilisi, Georgia
14 October 2022

”Treatment and Management of Mental Disorders in a Post-Pandemic Era”

Genoa, Italy
13 October 2022

“The integration of psychosocial and pharmacological treatments in severe mental disorders”

Budapest, Hungary
29 September 2022

“How to build bridges?
Questions, challenges, solutions in psychiatry”

Łódź, Poland
8 June 2022

“When science meets practice”

Surveys 2022

Throughout the years, EPA National Psychiatric Associations members develop and take part in EPA questionnaires on a range of topics related to psychiatry and mental health care.

EPA SURVEY ON Digitalisation (2022)

Digital technology might offer psychiatry the potential for radical change in terms of service delivery and the development of new treatments. However, it also carries the risk of commercialised, unproven treatments entering the medical marketplace with detrimental effect.

In 2022, a Task Force group working under the umbrella of the Council of NPAs prepared a questionnaire gathering information on Digitalisation in European Psychiatry. The questionnaire was shared with the representatives of the EPA National Psychiatric Associations (NPAs) members. Out of the 44 invited countries, responses from 35 countries were received.

Read the results of the Survey on Digitalisation.

Consult the dedicated webpage to learn more about the Surveys developed by the EPA Council of NPAs.