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Value of Treatment

Since 2015, the EPA is partner of the European Brain Council (EBC)’s research project on the Value of Treatment (VoT) for psychiatric and neurological disorders. The aim of this project is to examine health gains and socio-economic impacts resulting from optimized healthcare interventions, in comparison with current care or no treatment. By doing so, the VoT project provides evidence-based and cost-effective policy recommendations for the adoption and implementation of a more patient-centred and sustainable coordinated care model for these disorders.

The conclusions of the first phase of the VoT project were released in 2017 and highlighted the need for more research to address value-based health care in Europe and the access to the best treatments available. Following these conclusions, a new phase of the VoT project was launched in 2018 (VOT2), with new case studies on rare neurological diseases and mental disorders (including Anorexia Nervosa, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder).

In 2018, the EPA has taken the leadership for the development and implementation of the working groups on Anorexia Nervosa and Major Depressive Disorder.

For more information about the VoT project, the goals and achievements, check out the webpage of the European Brain Council. 

On the occasion of the Brain Awareness Week 2022, the VOT – Phase 2 project has released results and calls to action, read the reports and brochures.