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1st EPA Forum

The 1st EPA Forum took place on Saturday, 28 March 2015 in Vienna, Austria. At the Forum, a hundred participants centred their discussion around a common theme: Improving Mental Health and Mental Health Care across Europe. Speakers from the WHO, UN,  European Institutions and  EU-level organisations such as EUFAMI, GAMIAN, joined EPA leaders for lectures, roundtable discussions and breakout sessions included in the Forum programme.



1st EPA Forum Programme

09:00 – 09:10

Welcome and Introduction
Wolfgang Gaebel, Danuta Wasserman (EPA)

09:10 – 09:40

Introductory Lecture
Shekhar Saxena (WHO, Geneva): Mental Health in the light of the WHO MHAP



Roundtable Discussion: Improving Mental Health Care across Europe
Moderators: Wolfgang Gaebel, Danuta Wasserman (EPA)

John F. Ryan (DG SANCO)
Matt Muijen (WHO Europe)
Dainius Pūras (UN Special Rapporteur on Health)
Wolfgang Gaebel (EPA)
Peter Falkai (Chair of the EPA Council of National Psychiatric Associations)
Pedro Montellano (GAMIAN)
Bert Johnson (EUFAMI)
Josep Maria Haro (ROAMER)




Breakout Sessions

1. World Perspectives of Future Mental Health Care 
Chair: Shekhar Saxena (WHO)
Dinesh Bhugra: The WPA Perspective
Dainius Pūras: The UN Perspective
George Christodoulou: The WFMH Perspective

2. Contribution of Future Education to Mental Health Care 
Chair: John F. Ryan (DG SANCO)
Marc Hermans: The UEMS Perspective
David Vodusek: The EAN Perspective
Rutger Jan van der Gaag: The EPA Perspective

3 Contribution of Future Research to Mental Health Care
Chair: Andreas Heinz (EPA)
Josep Maria Haro: The ROAMER Perspective
David Nutt: The EBC Perspective
Guy Goodwin: The ECNP Perspective





Rapporteurs’ Reports

General Discussion
Moderators: Wolfgang Gaebel, Danuta Wasserman (EPA)


Concluding Remarks
Wolfgang Gaebel, Danuta Wasserman (EPA)