european psychiatric association

2024 Winners

Congratulations to the 2024 Research Prizes Winners!

Category 1 “Clinical psychopathology and refinement of psychiatric diagnostic categories”

Dr. Elvira Anna CARBONE (Italy)

The relationship of food addiction with binge eating disorder and obesity: A network analysis study”, published in Appetite

Category 2 “Biological correlates and treatments of mental disorders”

Dr. Spyridon SIAFIS (Germany)

Antipsychotic dose, D2 occupancy and extrapyramidal side-effects: dose-response meta-analysis”, published in Molecular Psychiatry

Category 3 “Psychiatric epidemiology, social psychiatry and psychotherapeutic interventions in mental disorders”

Dr. Aleksandra KANINA (Sweden)

Association between cumulative psychosocial adversity in the family and ADHD and autism”, published in Translational Psychiatry

Category 4 “Child and adolescent Psychiatry”

Dr. Tuomas MAJURI (Finland)

Effect of onset age on the long‑term outcome of early‑onset psychoses and other mental disorders”, published in European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Category 5 “Best paper published in European Psychiatry”


Exercise to treat psychopathology and other clinical outcomes in schizophrenia”, published in European Psychiatry