european psychiatric association

General Task Forces

Task Force on the Role of EPA as service provider of NPAs

This task force aims to enhance the role of the EPA as a service provider for the NPAs. Its main job is to promote NPAs through the EPA’s website, communication channels and leaders.

  • Silvana Galderisi – Chair
  • Olivier Andlauer – ECPC media delegate
  • Mari Fresu – EPA Administrative Office
  • Levent Küey – Board member
  • Tamas Kurimay – Chair of the Council of NPAs
  • Martina Rojnic-Kuzman – Board member
  • Agata Szulc – Council of NPAs
  • Simavi Vahip – Council of NPAs
  • Athina Swietochowski-Palapanidou – EPA Administrative Office

Task Force on Education in European Psychiatry

The TFEEP is regarded as a means for developing and implementing a European Curriculum on Education and Training in Psychiatry (undergraduate, postgraduate, CME).

  • Silvana Galderisi – Co-Chair
  • Marc Hermans – Co-Chair (UEMS)
  • Wolfgang Gaebel – Vice Chair
  • Andrew Brittlebank (UEMS)
  • Dan Georgescu (UEMS)
  • Cécile Hanon
  • Nikolina Jovanovic
  • Tamas Kurimay
  • Matthijs Muijen (WHO EUROPE)
  • Howard Ryland (EFPT)
  • Ekin Sönmez (EFPT)

Task Force on European Psychiatric Research

This task force promotes EPA participation in research grant applications and strengthens cooperation with other organizations such as the European Brain Council and the World Health Organization in developing collaborative projects.

  • Silvana Galderisi – Chair
  • Peter Falkai – Co-Chair
  • Julian Beezhold
  • Andrea Fiorillo
  • Paz Garcia-Portilla
  • Philip Gorwood
  • Levent Küey
  • Martina Rojnic-Kuzman
  • Danuta Wasserman
  • Mari Fresu (EPA Administrative Office)

Task Force on E-Mental Health

This task force is charged with the task of producing guidance, recommendations and position papers on e-Mental Health applications, ethical implications and research needed to address controversial issues.

  • Silvana Galderisi – Chair
  • Davor Mucic – Co-Chair
  • Olivier Andlauer
  • Wolfgang Gaebel
  • Cécile Hanon
  • Nikolina Jovanovic
  • Andrea Raballo
  • Martina Rojnic-Kuzman

Task Force on the Needs of Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Patients in Europe

This task force is responsible for raising awareness about the consequences of the refugee crisis on migrants’ mental health.

  • Levent Küey – Chair
  • Olivier Andlauer
  • Iris Tatjana Graef-Calliess
  • Marianne Kastrup
  • Meryam Schouler-Ocak


  • Gisèle Apter (with a focus on child and adolescent psychiatry)
  • Marisa Casanova Dias (representing ECPs)
  • Davor Mucic (with a focus on e-mental health)
  • Simavi Vahip (representing NPAs)
  • Danuta Wasserman (with a focus on suicidal behaviour aspects)

Task Force on Mass Violence

The objective of this task force is to raise awareness about mass violence within the psychiatric community.

  • Geert Dom – Chair
  • Hella Demunter
  • Dorota Frydecka
  • Philip Gorwood
  • Levent Küey
  • Blazej Misiak
  • Andrea Raballo
  • Jerzy Samochowiec
  • Meryam Schouler-Ocak

Task Force on Sections

The objectives of this task force is to reinforce the collaboration between EPA Sections and National Psychiatric Associations, as well as their own Sections, and to facilitate and improve the operating modes of the EPA Sections.

  • Julian Beezhold – Chair
  • Michael Musalek – Sections
  • Tamas Kurimay – Council of NPAs
  • Nikolina Jovanovic – ECPC
  • Athina Swietochowski-Palapanidou – EPA Administrative Office