european psychiatric association

General Task Forces

Task Force on Education in European Psychiatry

The TFEEP is regarded as a means for developing and implementing a European Curriculum on Education and Training in Psychiatry (undergraduate, postgraduate, CME).

  • Silvana Galderisi – Co-Chair
  • Marc Hermans – Co-Chair (UEMS)
  • Wolfgang Gaebel – Vice Chair
  • Andrew Brittlebank (UEMS)
  • Dan Georgescu (UEMS)
  • Cécile Hanon
  • Nikolina Jovanovic
  • Tamas Kurimay
  • Matthijs Muijen (WHO EUROPE)
  • Howard Ryland (EFPT)
  • Ekin Sönmez (EFPT)

Task Force on Sections

The objectives of this task force are to harmonise Sections’ activities, to increase visibility of the EPA Sections, and to establish some rules of procedure.

  • Andrea Fiorillo – Secretary for Sections, Chair of the Task Force
  • Nadja Maric
  • Martina Rojnic-Kuzman
  • Meryam Schouler-Ocak
  • Umberto Volpe
  • Angelika Wieck